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About Me

What is the definition of "Hood Oprah" rap/ hip hop? Two words, Young $krilla, also known as Street Sweepa and $krilla. Young $krilla is a 18 year old artist residing in the state of Wisconsin. Originally from Roda, Spain, but raised in many parts of the U.S. from the east coast to the mid west. This young artist has started to make his way through the game. With every track released, $krilla brings a powerful sound to each and every beat. Young $krilla is known to bring a more reality and situation type vibe to tracks, in which many people young and old that’s been through struggles can relate to easily. Although he sometimes brings a mainstream vibe, he is recognized as an artist with caliber and “weird ideas“. Still at the young age of 18, $krilla has many bright years ahead of him as an artist. As of now, $krilla has been working on numerous projects, tracks, and collabs to help further his career. " Keep your eyes open and focused" is all that can be said as of now, $krilla is ready to blow, and is here to stay for a while... Young $krilla first started out recording in his small computer room right next to his bedroom. He didn’t have money to start out so he used what he could. Young $krilla used a Wal-Mart microphone, Cool Edit Pro 2.0 and I-pod headphones. $krilla has always wrote his own rhymes, but he was also open for ideas and constructive criticism. When $krilla finished his “seven song” album/demo, he sold his music around his middle school, ( Brunswick Middle School )and the students and teachers loved it. After he felt comfortable, he went to his friend and asked her to give a demo to her mother. ( $krilla’s friend mother worked for Jive Records. ) When her mother listened to the demo, she felt that he was very talented, but he just wasn’t ready so be signed. Young $krilla has been in the publics eye in several ways. $krilla is a very intelligent artist from music to inventing things. $krilla , in seventh grade was in the news paper for a science project that no one has made. The project title was named by his mother Marie Martin. The name of the project was named “Raview Persona”, which was a luxurious purse for women. He tried to patent his idea, but it didn’t work. $krilla always figured that he was good at poems. When people started admiring his poems, he started to write hit songs. When he wrote and recorded his songs, again, he started selling his albums around school and made profit. Not too long ago $krilla was on Wisconsin’s local chanel performing live on a t.v. show named “Who Wants To Be A Star?”…. Young $krilla is starting to blow up, and again, he’s going to be here for a while…..
i currently attend at ITT Technical institute in greenfield, Wisconsin for computer engeneering and programing... but i am an entrepenour.. i have my own recording studio... and trying to go more into producin than actually rapping/singing... but dont get it twisted the boi is seriouse...
the love of money..haha...nahh just playin...just chillin wit the gurl im wit,studio,mi hommies, watchin the history can learn a lot of stuff on their...true deff. of futuristic!!!
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