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Travis Webster

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Travis Webster
"In all of the complexities that create the human machine, I have realized both individually and communally we simply desire only to follow and belong." - Travis Webster For nearly half his life, Travis Webster has been studying the emotional triggers of human behavior and sharing these insights with companies looking to build culture around their brand. In 2005 Travis created Collide Brand Partners, a company which specializes in tuning a brands human experience. In 2008 his proprietary "Conditional Branding" process became a backbone to the company, proving that successful brand culture is developed through individual, emotional, experiences. The process is a delicate balance between anti-branding and conditional psychology which forges an engaging brand belief system. Since then, both established brands and emerging ones to the likes of BMW, Century 21, Pizza Fusion, Your Office USA and Denison Yacht Sales have turned to Travis and the Collide Brand Partners team for pioneering ideas. Only recently has he set out to revitalize a century old industry which occupies most of Madison Ave. Travis' newest project among several technology related start-ups is an idea incubator, suitably called "The Collide Factory". The goal of "The Collide Factory" is to create a dependable hub for true collaboration. A venue and network of creatives, strategist, big thinkers and dreamers who choose to work together toward collective projects and innovative ideas. The 4000 square foot creative warehouse located in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale is the first collaborative co-working idea incubator of its kind and is home to everything an individual or company could need, including a micro venture capital team and legal counsel, to take an idea or marketing initiative from light bulb to landfill and back. Travis is one of those rare people who have found a balance between creativity and business, using both left and right brain equally to innovate and adapt. He is an active propagandist for South Florida as a unique business and creative hub and is involved with several community boards committed to growing the Greater Fort Lauderdale market.
Semi-Obsessed with authentic branding, the unexpected drivers of social behavior and the power of suggested belief. I am a huge advocate of far reaching conversations, big ideas and learning the hard way. I love living simply though it is a tricky mentality to remain in for long durations. Collaboration in my opinion is the greatest and most under-utilized tools our generation has to use. It is my explicit interest to perpetuate this in the creative networks through The Collide Factory.
July 10th


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