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Erik Baldwin
Hello! I am Erik Baldwin - determined, driven and dedicated to maximizing my potential. I am who I am, and respect others for who they are. Together, everyone can achieve greatness; alone you achieve personal well being. I am an individual of many talents and a hold a multitude of diverse interests. Many things that I am proud to say that I have completed in my mere 23 years include: Designing Award Winning Homes, rebuilding rare and classic automobiles, being respected as a young professional and positively influencing others by my actions, not necessarily just by words. I am also currently working on my degree in Architecture, which I feel is not so much a major focus of mine in the current economic situation of our country, and also pursuing a degree in Business Management. Most of my time, when not spent thinking creatively [aka. wasting daylight], is utilized sitting in front of my computer fiddling with new graphics programs, creating websites for my own personal endeavors, working on projects for my clients and finding groups/organizations of others who I share common interests with. I currently reside in Downtown Orlando with my lover and best friend [which happens to be the same person; lucky me!] I enjoy the diversity of the many inhabitants of the “Urban Setting” and also like the constant activity of city life. There are many different “whys” in life, but I believe that the most important ones include a balance between professional pursuits, personal endeavors, and spending time with those you love. I am constantly striving to utilize my full potential and take advantage of the opportunities that are constantly coming across my life path. Needless to say, I love life and the challenges that it brings.
Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, LiveCycle
cars, GOOD beer, Drupal, Old Movies, The innerWebz
February 11th


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