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Mary Earley

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Mary Earley
I recently moved to Florida with my partner Brent that is ED for Habitat for Humanity Southwest Volusia. I am currently taking steps to create a coworking space in Volusia County. I am looking for an active community where I can meet people, make friends, receive mentoring advice and contribute my skills where ever needed. A large part of my career has been spent in the shipping industry in Savannah at Georiga Ports Authority and Colonial Oil. Looking for a change I moved to the Northeast Georgia Mountains where I became involved with Habitat for Humanity as the ReStore Manager. A completely different mind set - and what a rewarding experience! Now, I am experimenting with my entrepreneurial spirit and am in search of networking with other in the same mind set.
Shipping: documentation, ship boarding agent, accounting; Non-profit organizations: Board of Directors, retail management, volunteer management, management of donated goods, salvage, material acquisition, staffing, budgeting, Quick Books. Also have experience in small business start up licensing, S Corp, payroll, advertising. I am a great organizer.
God, Family, Friendships, Networking, Traveling, Being Creative
December 9th


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