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hello, just call me Jus. I am a married mom of 1. I own and operate Jus Cowland Photography out of my home. i adore chocolate, vintage cameras and classical music. i am married to a man who flew across the Atlantic and left everything behind for me. i am lucky to be called mommy by the most caring, cutest, curly headed rockstar girl in the solar system. spring and autumn are my favorite times of year. i love the smell of orange blossoms. my home is filled with knick-knacks, treasures and love. my passion is creating art. truth be told i am a design-wannabe. no formal training, just goofing around. i would love to collaborate on projects that involve photographic art and digital design. i am currently working on two projects for magazine submission. and i would love to spend a month with the fellas at boxeight
design and fashion. technology. macs. fresh fruit & rembrandt. chai tea. hippie dreads. long boards. soft waves. gossip. loose lips sinking ships. p52 mustang. collaboration. different photographic mediums. film and digital. manipulations.
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