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Dana Dempsey
Well, I just moved back home to Jacksonville after living in St. Augustine for five or so years. I earned my Bachelor's degree in FIne Art, with a Psychology Minor, from Flagler College. After returning, I became fully commited to participating in any form of art scene Jacksonville has to offer. Frankly, I wish there was more of a creative pulse. The whole shopping center after strip mall, cookie cutter everything,everywhere doesn't cut it for me. So while I am here for now, I am actively seeking connection to arts of any kind. Hopefully my energy will contribute to this cause, creating flowering blooms of culture.
Anything that of which relates to the senses, multimedia, basic sculpture, collaging, painting, collecting, harvesting, cooking, pouring, picking, nesting, choosing, listening, service, people, conversting, visual analysis, creative thinking, eating, drinking, listening, talking, creative problem solving, fudging
art, film, music, food, wine, people, travel, books, writing, revolution, psychology, non-conformity, trash, garabage, found objects
May 9th


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