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Brian Collins
For the past 20+ years, Brian has earned his stripes in a variety of creative positions within the ranks of corporate America. He is, among other things, an award-winning writer & video producer and a former Walt Disney Imagineer, where he helped create the magic for virtually all of Disney's Florida theme parks. At various times in his career, the Doc has produced work for Virgin Atlantic Airways, Anheuser Busch Theme Parks, The Orlando Shakespeare Festival, The Miami Dolphins, The Tribune Co., and AAA's (the American Automobile Association) National Office. All these jobs involved the use of strategic marketing and multimedia technology in one way or another. He has also served on the faculty of Full Sail University as a Course Director, where he developed and taught a class on creativity in business entitled "Visionary Development" as well as a course on entrepreneurship. Doc Collins has also been an adjunct professor at the International Academy of Design and Technology where he taught a variety of marketing classes and the University of Central Florida where he taught a course on "Product Development for Theme Parks." He has presented at several conferences over the years and lectured at Temple University, among others. Most recently, Brian served as a Curriculum Innovation Specialist for Florida Virtual School. In this capacity, he used his enthusiasm for the latest technologies and his talent for knowing what works to ensure that the school's courseware took full advantage of the capabilities of the Web, mobile devices, broadcast, gaming devices, or any other communication mediums that may be out there - or are on the way. An expert at partnership building, he was instrumental in maintaining relationships with a variety of world-class organizations such as Lockheed-Martin, NASA, Apple and Microsoft. He founded his consulting practice, The Brainstorm Institute, several years ago and enjoys sharing his background and expertise with clients to help them grow and diversify their business in ways they never thought possible…
The Brainstorm Institute creates extraordinary experiences for facilitating the creative process and helping your business grow!


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