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Likemind Orlando, 3rd Fridays @ Drunken Monkey

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Give Your Creative Projects a Kickstart

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I heard about Kickstarter on a podcast interview with board member and contributor Andy Baio recently, and I am blogging about it as soon as I could. It's a way to get micro-investors for just about any project you would like to carry out, but can't afford to. Andy's project is to create an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis called "Kind of Bloop".

From Andy Baio's blog: Kickstarter Launches!

Happy Hour and Orlando Fringe


Orlando Fringe (Loch Haven Park)
900 E Princeton St Green Lawn of Fabulousness
Orlando, FL 32803
May 18 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

This Monday, Florida Creatives Happy Hour will be taking over the Green Lawn of Fabulousness at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Fringe has a Beer Tent every year, and this will now be the third year in a row that I have goaded the Florida Creatives into basking in the glow - both from the lights on the lawn, and the faces of theatre patrons coming in and out of shows.

Green Lawn of Fabulousness
Photo by Mark Baratelli

Lightsaber Battle (for Chris)


Orlando Loch Haven Park
900 E Princeton St outside Orlando Museum of Art @ base of the "Chevron" sculpture
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: (407) 792-9421
May 24 2009 9:00p - 9:30p

Lightsaber Battle (for Chris)

Who: Brian Feldman Projects (PILLOWLANDO, sleepwalk, txt)

What: Lightsaber Battle (for Chris) - Recognizing the 32nd Anniversary of a movie Brian Feldman has never seen (Yes, it’s true! Brian has never seen Star Wars!), this is your opportunity to take part in a massive nighttime lightsaber battle!

Miniature (24 hour performance)


Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf
8969 International Drive (Next to WonderWorks)
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: (407) 351-7733
May 09 2009

I regret to inform you that as of 7:00 AM, the remainder of Miniature has been cancelled by Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf. Thank you to the 11 players, as well as to the 14 reservations we had to cancel on for the rest of the day.

Brian Feldman
Artistic Director
Brian Feldman Projects


Miniature (24 hour performance)

Blunder Bungle


Museum of My Neighbor’s Backyard (MoMNB)
940 Bradshaw Terrace S. of Gore St. / E. of Delaney Ave.
Orlando, FL 32806
May 06 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

Blunder Bungle

Blunder Bungle (an art show inspired by a missed deadline) - In light of a recent missed deadline, we are creating an art show to prove that royally messing up, is not in fact the end of the world.

Artists participating include:
Doreen Barber | James Caruso | Patricia Coyle
Jessica Earley | Trevor Garrett | Jennifer Foust
Greg Leibowitz | Molly Livingston | Hannah Miller

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