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Sex Times Three


G.O.A.T. Theatre
669 Cherry Street
Winter Park, FL 32789
Phone: 407-872-8451
Jul 31 2009 Aug 08 2009

sex times three, wallflower theatre

SEX TIMES THREE is a quirky new comedy - a collection of one-acts with a series of twists that will keep you laughing! Sex Times Three features live music from indie favorite Marc with a C - you're in for a great night of music and theatre.

Sex Times Three
with Musical Host Marc with a C
Written and Directed by: Larry Stallings
Featuring: Kimberly Luffman and Alex Carroll
with Special Appearances by: Kevin Sigman and Larry Stallings

July 31, August 1, 6, 7, & 8 @8pm

Orson Welles' War of the Worlds


Orlando Shakespeare Theatre
812 E Rollins St
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 321-662-0611
Jul 31 2009 Aug 09 2009

orlando war of the worlds

See the hoax that the FCC labeled an act of terrorism!

On October 30, 1939 twelve million people were sent into a state of panic when they started tuning in to live reports of a Martian invasion. Come relive the broadcast and see how millions fell into pandemonium. This new production exposes the tricks behind the original radio cast by reliving it through the perspective of its listeners. Discover how the news can make us fall into fear and weild our notion of reality. As Mr. Welles says, “Don’t drink everything that comes out the tap.”

Directed by: Aradhana Tiwari and Joseph Fletcher

Tickets: $12

Mark Baratelli + Live Active Cultures = The Orlando Weekly

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One of our Florida Creatives kids (and the first subject of the Florida Creatives Podcast waay back in the day), and a fantastically awesome person by the name of Mark Baratelli, AKA the guy from The Daily City, got a half-page feature in the Orlando Weekly's LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES by Seth Kubersky.

This morning, Mark held a wonderful conversation called MOOM - don't ask me what it means, but you should have been there. Watch twitter and his blog for more announcements to get independent producers together.

FLCreatives 26: Thomas Thorspecken

Tess at Kerouac House by Thor
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Download Podcast 26
Length: 28:16

If you've been out at cultural events in Orlando in 2009, there's a good chance you'll see a man looking down at his sketchbook with his watercolors out. He's Thomas Thorspecken, and he's drawing and painting the scene around him. Check his blog in a few days and see the results.

Thomas Thorspecken

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Photo above: Tess at Kerouac House
Tony Taylor

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