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Symposium on the effect of the arts/creative class on communities for SWFL

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I have been attempting to put together a TEDX in the Naples/Ft. Myers area for a while. If any of you are in this area, please contact me. It is a lot of work. I live in Naples and they require you to hold the event in the town you reside in. I have been going back and forth with them hoping to get an exception but it's not happening. 

BarCamp Tampa Bay 2011

BarCamp Tampa Bay


Kforce Staffing
1001 East Palm Ave near exit 1 on I-4
Tampa, FL 33605
Sep 24 2011 9:00a - 6:00p

The topics and the presenters are diverse, but will appeal to anyone who has an interest in technology and the internet. This is an event for web designers, developers, marketers, copy writers, SEOs, sys admins and anyone who operates a business with a web presence to get together and share their knowledge.

The endearing quality of the unconference format is that you have options all day. If the presentation you choose isn’t what you were expecting, you can always jump over into another room and check out something else.

The schedule starts BLANK in the morning and is filled up by attendees that want to do a presentation. Presenters choose their room and time and everyone else scours the board to choose the path that they will take for the day.

Back to Work Southwest Florida

Florida Creatives supporter Michele Lorito-Chase recently started a Facebook group for people who have been "displaced" from their jobs in Southwest Florida, and anyone looking for those displaced workers.

Back To Work Southwest Florida serves as a resource for both employers and job-seekers.

Business Owners, Companies, and HR Professionals can freely post on the wall available and current employment opportunities located within the region.

Employment and Job-Seekers can post a little about themselves and area of expertise.

back to work southwest florida

New FLCreatives Home Page!

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Well over a year ago, I set out on a mission to make the Florida Creatives website a more usable and self-discoverable website. I think it started when someone looking at the site asked "Are you guys on Twitter?", and when I thought about how to point that out to him, I found it just was not obvious. This was the original whiteboard sketch I came up with:

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