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South Florida

Miami and South Florida Creative People


Florida Creatives Happy Hour South - Alpha


Brew Urban Cafe - Victoria Park - US1
638 N. Federal Hwy
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33304
Community or Meetup: 
Aug 18 2009 6:00p - 8:30p

This is an impromptu event planned because a few people have been making noise about South Florida recently. I am going to be in town on the 18th, and I just decided to throw out an invite. We've got healthy meetups in Orlando and on the Space Coast, so there is a growing state-wide network. South Florida is so huge, this is a great next event.

South Florida's First Creative Summit - FREE Beer and Coffee

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We are in the process of putting together a creative meetup for ALL South Florida creatives to show their face. We are calling it a creative summit, because we know just as much as you do that it's going to be like climbing F-ing Everest to get us creative types to show up.

What we have so far:
(1) Several Ideal locations that can be scalable to any size.
(2) A Kick Ass presentation on a new independent vs. agency working model that's rocks.
(3) FREE microbrew beer and coffee for everyone that is in attendance.

What we need:
(1) A couple of other Creatives that want to help select the best location and share local spots these mythical creative types gather so we can get everybody on the same page
(2) Anyone else that wants to present something within 2 min window of time.

Do South Florida Creatives Even Exist? SPEAK UP South Florida!!!

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South Florida, get off your butt!

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We would really like to have a South Florida meetup, but the question often rises: Miami, Ft Lauderdale, further North? I found a pretty good place in Ft Lauderdale (the kind of place I would hold the meetup if I was down there) called Brew Urban Cafe. I posted about it in the wiki:

If someone was interested in making Florida Creatives happen, that's where I'd do it. The next step would be to pick a date, and perhaps follow one or more of the tips in this Wiki:

You (all) and the 18-ish other members of the group should maybe start a forum post and figure out a good time, then create an event and meet up.

Erik Hersman's TED Talk

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Download Ushahidi Video

At TEDU 2009, Erik Hersman presents the remarkable story of Ushahidi, a GoogleMap mashup that allowed Kenyans to report and track violence via cell phone texts following the 2008 elections, and has evolved to continue saving lives in other countries.

Blogger (AfriGadget, WhiteAfrican), geek and power networker Erik Hersman is a key member of the African blog revolution. As a builder of Ushahidi, he helps expand the power of everyday people to share vital news via text.


Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301
United States
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South Florida

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