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FLCreatives Steering Committee Jan 2009: Project X

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Length: 38:44

Project X Meeting - Jan 12th, 9PM

Gregg Pollack
Greg Pederson
George Drage
Eric Marden
Ryan Price
David Rogers
Rachael Page
Joshua Blount

After discussing plans for BarCamp in 2009, we also discussed a program similar to Google's "Summer of Code" where we solicit projects, mentors and interns from the local talent pool.

Listen to part one of this meeting at FLCreatives Steering Committee Jan 2009

David/PHP - Workshops - certification - mentoring

Eric Marden - mentoring? people get involved with selfish intent
-- good for the mentee and mentors
-- interns

Ryan - FLCreatives Jobs group -
- reach out to schools (college), hold an event
- I have contacts at the three major schools - UCF, Valencia, FullSail

Rachael - would this look like a user group on campus?

Eric - expand beyond web developers
- an application - a form for the potential mentees to volunteer for something
- a la Summer of Code
- find non-profits or worthy causes, assign a mentor, get them involved

David - Les, from the Knowledge Shop - older folks interested in learning

Eric - what questions do we ask? what info can we collect?
- creative internship this summer

Ryan - create a wiki page with potential projects, mentors, mentees
- also, give them a venue to show off what they've done, get some validation

Eric - or do a special event, "awards" ceremony

George - agrees that students are looking to learn

David - there is plenty of thirst for knowledge
- it's a worthwhile practice to tutor someone

Josh - specific tasks, and specific time frame - a la Summer of Code
- it's measurable, kids and projects benefit

Ryan - United Arts of Central Florida - professional development grants
- 3-to-1 matching, also a specific time and task

Josh - also, some of our knowledge is worth it, whether or not money is involved

Eric - looks like we need two types of data collection, one for mentorees and one for projects
- have the event in the fall / winter

Ryan - use the Steering Committe group for discussion

Other Events

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  • Ruby User Group
  • Otronicon
  • Drupal User Group
  • DrupalCamp - Feb 7th
  • Coworking Tuesdays - CoLab
  • Orlando SCRUM

You can edit the Orlando WiFi page or the wiki page for other cities at

Download Steering Committee 2b


1 comment

Stacey Monk wrote 8 years 36 weeks ago

I run a nonprofit in Brevard

I run a nonprofit in Brevard that's working in Tanzania - we certainly have development needs that might be a good fit for this type of program. I hope you'll email me if you're looking for projects like ours at

You can learn more about our efforts at


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