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New Media Think and Drink: Focus on Community: Oct 16, 2009 (part two)

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Download Think and Drink Part B
Length: 57:18

John Rife, Darren McDaniel, Julie Norris, Chris Blanc, Lance Turner, Gwendolyn Anello, and Ryan Price gathered with an audience of Central Florida's community organizers, marketers, independent publishers and entrepreneurs to discuss the ways they communicate with their respective groups, clients, users and the media.

Speakers for the New Media Think and Drink: Focus on Community

Gwendolyn Anello is a co-owner of Anello Consulting out of Merritt Island. She consults several organizations in the areas of communications, market development, community and public affairs, and fundraising.

Chris Blanc is the Marketing Director for the Enzian Theatre and the Florida Film Festival. As if that wasn't enough, he's involved in several other local communities, and had a hand in creating the Dandelion Cafe.

Darren McDaniel is the creator of a feature film (The Essence of Irwin), the founder of a local internet startup (Petentials), former programming director at the Downtown Media Arts Center, and has done PhD-level research Sociology at Vanderbilt.

Julie Norris is the owner of Dandelion CommuniTEA Cafe and the host of Front Porch Radio on WPRK 91.5FM every Wednesday. She's also a new mommy! Congrats!

John Rife was a media missionary in S. Pacific / Asia, a founding member of Interactive Expeditions, is an independent documentary filmmaker, a video blogger and is currently pursuing an MFA in Digital Media at UCF.

Lance Turner is the founder of the Ourlando movement and the owner of AEonBlu in Winter Park. You'll see Lance at tons of local events snapping pictures or signing up small businesses to bring the local color.

Ryan Price is the creator of the Florida Creatives Happy Hour and a partner in a web, media and training company called DrupalEasy. He produces several podcasts and blogs when he's not busy organizing events and community functions, or posting to local websites.

Download Think and Drink Part B


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