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BarCamp Orlando #3


Wall Street Plaza
18 Wall Street Plaza Slingapour's, One-Eyed Jack's, Gibson Guitar Center
Orlando, FL 32801
Apr 18 2009 10:00a - 6:00p

BarCampOrlando is back and is going to be bigger and better than ever. The Orlando Scene has quickly proven it can put on one of the premier BarCamp events in the US, and quite possibly the world. BarCampOrlando is a 1 day 'unconference' offering all attendees the opportunity to share their knowledge by giving short talks on ANY subject. This year we will have 3 different rooms to showcase the participants and sessions of different lengths to accommodate more content then you can shake your marshmallow stick at. BarCamp by it's nature has no schedule, no keynote speaker, and no main topic of conversation - the participants decide the who, what, how, why and when - we just pick the where! Please register for the event so we can plan accordingly! P.S. BarCamp may still be looking for sponsors - any amount will be accepted. We have a "fill in the blank" sponsorship available for those who can't swing $100 or $300, as much as they might like to.

Lake Eola Photowalk


CoLab Orlando (Angebuilt Building, 6th Floor)
37 N Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801
Community or Meetup: 
Apr 10 2009 5:00p

Photo people, you know who you are. Now come out!

Photowalking (faux-toe-wha-keen), AKA the social act of taking pictures of things you probably walk past every day, but never take the time to really look at. One example would be those eyesore Gibson guitars all over town.

A few months ago, we took a photowalk downtown around the historic places trail. It was alright, but very hot. We have also done photowalks in Winter Park, and I take private PHWKs in almost every city I visit. Check out our Flickr pool for examples.

A bunch of folks will be down at CoLab Orlando on Friday (most Fridays are fairly busy there), so I thought we might take a little walk after "work". Then we can grab something to eat and a beer with the other downtown kids. Lake Eola and Thornton Park have some pretty spots, and the walk is pretty short from Orange Ave. We'll give ourselves 90 minutes and call it a day, as the light of the afternoon fades. Sounds good?

Bring your camera and blank memory cards. Point-and-shoots as well as DSLRs, or the old-school kind are all welcome.

More Photowalks = More Phun

Orlando Tweetup Follow-up Post

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We had a great turnout at the first Orlando Tweetup at Scruffy Murphy's Pub in College Park last night. According to the sign-in sheets, 106 people came. And it was a pretty diverse group too. We had two high school students (@sdquinn and @gdrage), lots of folks from the Sentinel, people from the marketing and public relations fields, local techies and bloggers and even Local 6 weatherman Tom Sorrells.

So thank you very much to everyone who came and made this event a success. And if you missed it, don't worry, we'll have another one real soon. To stay in the loop, check back on this blog and follow @etanowitz and @orlandotweetup on Twitter. You can also go here to see what people are saying about the event.

Speaking of Tom Sorrells, he was kind enough to mention the Tweetup on the 11 p.m. news and show a picture he took with my wife Daphne and me. Here's the clip:

100 Ideas

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1. Draw a picture with your eyes closed.
2. Take a roll of tape and stick the pieces to a canvas until you have finished off the roll. Paint every piece a different color.
3. Paint or draw over old, discarded magazines.
4. Draw a picture with rigid, immovable strokes.
5. Draw a picture with loose, swift strokes.
6. With markers or pencil, draw the most beautiful thing you can think of with only 12 lines.

Grandma Party Craft Bazaar


Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd in the Parking Lot
Orlando, FL 32803
Dec 21 2008 10:00a - 5:00p

There is normally very little information about Grandma Party ANYWHERE on the internet (when I google for it, stuff from about 3 authors turns up, and I'm one of them)... therefore, I will let previous coverage speak for itself.

Grandma Party from Jason Hawkins on Vimeo.

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