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Florida Creatives Happy Hour, 3rd Mondays @ Crooked Bayou
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Florida Creatives 3 Year Anniversary


Crooked Bayou
50 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
Community or Meetup: 
Dec 21 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

In just a few days, Florida Creatives will have been a regular event in Orlando every month for 3 years. This is a cause for celebration. I hope you can all make it out to the festivities. 2010 is going to be a big year for Florida Creatives, with the Brevard circle turning 1 year old, and new circles starting in South Florida and Lakeland. Come and meet some likeminded folks - people who are always learning, working to change the world, looking to create something new, or people who just like being social. Thanks for 3 awesome years of your input, ideas, friendship and support. This group is reaching a new plateau, it is entirely due to our members, whom we ask little of, but who give us so much. Admission is free, there is no sign-up form, there are no nametags, just come and be yourself, and the creatives will guide you from there!

Photowalk College Park @ Harmoni Market


Harmoni Artisan Meal Market
2305 Edgewater Dr # H
College Park, FL 32804
Community or Meetup: 
Oct 06 2009 5:30p - 7:00p

It's been 6 months since the last photowalk, so I thought I'd make sure we do these AT LEAST twice a year...
April Photowalking at Lake Eola

Photowalking (faux-toe-wha-keen), AKA the social act of taking pictures of things you probably walk past every day, but never take the time to really look at. One example would be those eyesore Gibson guitars all over town. More:

A few months ago, we took a photowalk downtown around Lake Eola. It was well attended, and there were lots of new people. We have also done photowalks in Winter Park, and downtown. Check out our Flickr pool for examples.

Photowalking Pool

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Join the Orlando Photowalking Group on Flickr

we took a walk around Lake Eola some time ago, and I don't think the photos ever made it up here on the site. Check them out!

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UPDATE: Please read the comments below. We are having a problem with spam on the site, and I'd like to raise the level of protection we're receiving. Mollom costs €30 (approximately $42.50) per month.

Give Your Creative Projects a Kickstart

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I heard about Kickstarter on a podcast interview with board member and contributor Andy Baio recently, and I am blogging about it as soon as I could. It's a way to get micro-investors for just about any project you would like to carry out, but can't afford to. Andy's project is to create an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis called "Kind of Bloop".

From Andy Baio's blog: Kickstarter Launches!

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