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Otronicon 2011

Otronicon 2011


Orlando Science Center
777 East Princeton Street
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407.514.2000
Jan 14 2011 Jan 17 2011

A four day event, Otronicon is a celebration of interactive technology using video games to demonstrate the future of how we live, learn, work and play. The event focuses on a few key areas:

  • Larger than life video game experiences
  • State of the art medical and military simulators
  • Game design workshops taught by industry pros

Whether you're a video game fan or just wondered what it is you're kids are doing in front of that computer, there's something for everyone at Otronicon, Orlando's biggest interactive technology expo!

Open to schools: January 18, 20 & 21, 2011


Our Own Video Game! - 15 December 2010
Through a variety of partnerships, Otronicon shows how interactive technology improves how we live, learn, work and play. Video games are a big part of that. Well, now the Science Center can say we have our own video game - Energize.

Energize players power a fictional city using a selection of energy sources like nuclear, solar, wind and fossil fuels. As they employ each of these energies they see the benefits and limitations of their selections. The goal of the game is to raise awareness about how to effectively utilize energy sources to help solve our energy problems and combat climate change.

The game was created in partnership between the Orlando Science Center and the University of Central Florida's Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy and recently took first place in the student game category of the 2010 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge competition.
You can play the game at or right here in the Science Center's lobby during Otronicon!

Fly the F-35 - 14 December 2010
Blistering speeds, superior stealth capability, unmatched power and flexibility. The F-35 Lightning II captures the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow. The lucky few who will fly and maintain these 5th generation strike fighters will first have to master the necessary skills.

The F-35 Lightning II Pilot and Maintenance Training systems are designed to blend together a variety of training media to create a total training solution for the state-of-the-art F-35 weapon system. The fully integrated training center is home to a full-spectrum of the latest courseware, electronic classrooms, simulators, flight events and event-based maintenance training. A balance of skill and knowledge training are woven in to the program with innovative interactive courseware, Desktop Simulators and high-fidelity training devices. The Desktop Pilot Training will allow students to interface with the F-35 touch panel display, flight representative stick and throttle all while following along with the instructor, merging the virtual environment with the classroom.

Lockheed Martin will be showcasing this HotSeat F-35 Simulator at Otronicon. Do you have what it takes?



ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 6 years 41 weeks ago

Anybody interested in

Anybody interested in organizing an unconference at Otronicon? I might know who to call...

rodneydegracia wrote 6 years 40 weeks ago

I am interested in helping

I am interested in helping but I would like more information. Do you have an agenda or suggested topics list in mind for the unconference? Will it be in site at the OSC?

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 6 years 40 weeks ago

Otronicon is a Video Game

Otronicon is a Video Game convention, so I was hoping the subjects would be related. My plan is to see if we can get something at the Science Center, if anyone is interested. When I say "unconference", I mean unscheduled, so there is no real agenda.

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