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Happy Hour and Orlando Fringe


Orlando Fringe (Loch Haven Park)
900 E Princeton St Green Lawn of Fabulousness
Orlando, FL 32803
May 18 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

This Monday, Florida Creatives Happy Hour will be taking over the Green Lawn of Fabulousness at the 2009 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival. The Fringe has a Beer Tent every year, and this will now be the third year in a row that I have goaded the Florida Creatives into basking in the glow - both from the lights on the lawn, and the faces of theatre patrons coming in and out of shows.

Green Lawn of Fabulousness
Photo by Mark Baratelli

The idea here is to all head to the festival together and do the regular socializing thing, but really you want to stick around and watch a show or two. Last year, we tried to pick a show our membership would get into, so I chose the multimedia-happy American Squatter.

This year Brian Feldman and Mark Baratelli performing as part of PUPPET SLAM, a puppet variety show for adults. They have a show on Monday night, right at 6PM. Use this link if you want to buy a ticket in advance.

Please note that in addition to the $8 ticket price, all purchases have a $1 surcharge, PLUS you absolutely MUST buy a Fringe button for $8 CASH. YOU CAN NOT GET IN TO SHOWS WITHOUT A BUTTON. There are ATMs on the premises if you need to pull cash out at the festival.

Please arrive 30+ minutes before a show to allow time to park, get your button and find the venue. Puppet Slam is in the Orange Venue, AKA the Margeson Theatre, which is where the Shakespeare company does all of their shows.

Fringe is an amazing event that Orlando has had longer than any other city in the US, and it's the only unjuried theatre festival within a day's drive. You will see all kind of performance, tons of performers from all over the country and all over the world, and have a great time for a very small price tag.

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