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FLCreatives "Nomads" Happy Hour at Gringos Locos

Florida Creatives Happy Hour


Gringos Locos
20 E Washington St
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-841-5626
Community or Meetup: 
Jun 28 2011 6:00p - 9:00p

NOTE: this event is on a TUESDAY.

Gringos Locos is a fairly new local restaurant that has captured the hearts and palettes of foodies, late-night-clubbers, raggae fans and anyone who likes really good tacos. Several members were lobbying to hold happy hour here, and now that they serve beer in bottles the final missing ingredient has fallen into place.

Some day soon will be the last Nomads event, then we will try to decide on a regular spot.

About FLCreatives Happy Hour

Whether you're a poet, an actor, a photographer, a producer, a marketer, a programmer, an entrepreneur or a combination of them all, you'll find some great conversation and new friends by attending, and coming back every month on the third Monday.

If you'd like to see events like this in your town, feel free to start one! We now have Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn Groups for Orlando, Brevard, Tampa, South Florida, Southwest FL, Tallahassee and Gainesville.

P.S. Please bring a camera and snap some photos! You'll want to show your friends what it was like.


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admin wrote 6 years 46 weeks ago

Tonight, I would like to blow

Tonight, I would like to blow the lid of Gringo's Locos. Invite a friend, a coworker, someone you've been meaning to hang out with, or the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop.

We have such an amazing community here, everyone needs to know about it and get involved!

Our community has 4 and a half years of history now, and the network on Facebook, LinkedIn and is stronger than ever.

We are now hosting a monthly Show and Tell event at Urban ReThink in Downtown Orlando once a month - the event is coming up next week, July 5th. Check out for more details, and come show us what you are passionate about next week.

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Florida Creatives Happy Hour


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