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Brainstorming Over Breakfast

Brainstorming Over Breakfast


Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: 407-694-3434
Oct 04 2011 9:15a - 10:30a

Brainstorming Over Breakfast, created by The Brainstorm Institute, is designed to be an incredibly stimulating and invigorating process that generates a large volume of practical and relevant information.  It is a powerful, interactive exchange of information that takes place between entrepreneurs, managers and other business executives. 

Here’s how it works: A topic relevant to running a business is put forth for discussion.  Participants are then broken into tables of 4-6 people and each table spends approximately 30-45 minutes brainstorming ideas on how to solve the problems and issues related to that topic.  Afterwards, the group is brought back together and asked to share the best ideas they were able to generate.

According to Brian Collins, President of The Brainstorm Institute, “Participants love being able to bounce ideas off of fellow managers and entrepreneurs, sometimes getting a completely different perspective than they would have ever thought of.” The event is free, and registration is limited.

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