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Orlando Podcast

Meetup with other local Podcasters and all those with an interest in Podcasting, the process of creating audio or video content and "feeding" it to iPods or iPod-like devices via XML feeds.

New Media Think and Drink: Focus on Community


The Cameo Theatre
1013 E Colonial Dr (corner of Mills & Colonial)
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-403-5993
Community or Meetup: 
Oct 16 2009 7:00p Oct 17 2009 - 2:00a

Photo by Jim Hathaway
The purpose of the evening is to bring together folks involved with community development to discuss best practices, common pitfalls, emerging tools etc. for using digital and social media to promote their particular cause. From grassroots campaigns to corporate PR - what really works!

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Mark Baratelli + Live Active Cultures = The Orlando Weekly

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One of our Florida Creatives kids (and the first subject of the Florida Creatives Podcast waay back in the day), and a fantastically awesome person by the name of Mark Baratelli, AKA the guy from The Daily City, got a half-page feature in the Orlando Weekly's LIVE ACTIVE CULTURES by Seth Kubersky.

This morning, Mark held a wonderful conversation called MOOM - don't ask me what it means, but you should have been there. Watch twitter and his blog for more announcements to get independent producers together.

Give Your Creative Projects a Kickstart

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I heard about Kickstarter on a podcast interview with board member and contributor Andy Baio recently, and I am blogging about it as soon as I could. It's a way to get micro-investors for just about any project you would like to carry out, but can't afford to. Andy's project is to create an 8-bit tribute to Miles Davis called "Kind of Bloop".

From Andy Baio's blog: Kickstarter Launches!

BarCamp Orlando #3


Wall Street Plaza
18 Wall Street Plaza Slingapour's, One-Eyed Jack's, Gibson Guitar Center
Orlando, FL 32801
Apr 18 2009 10:00a - 6:00p

BarCampOrlando is back and is going to be bigger and better than ever. The Orlando Scene has quickly proven it can put on one of the premier BarCamp events in the US, and quite possibly the world. BarCampOrlando is a 1 day 'unconference' offering all attendees the opportunity to share their knowledge by giving short talks on ANY subject. This year we will have 3 different rooms to showcase the participants and sessions of different lengths to accommodate more content then you can shake your marshmallow stick at. BarCamp by it's nature has no schedule, no keynote speaker, and no main topic of conversation - the participants decide the who, what, how, why and when - we just pick the where! Please register for the event so we can plan accordingly! P.S. BarCamp may still be looking for sponsors - any amount will be accepted. We have a "fill in the blank" sponsorship available for those who can't swing $100 or $300, as much as they might like to.

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Orlando Tech
301 West Amelia St Basement Studio
Orlando, FL 32801
United States
Phone: 407-484-9029
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Orlando Podcast

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