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Open Data


We as a community have the skills and cleverness to apply computational thinking to the big problem we face today of "doing more with less." How do we get beyond the technology... RSS, RDF, Microformats, iCal, etc., to get other people who do not self-identify as geeks — to actually use authoritative feed syndication to enable Gov 2.0 and the evolution of the institutions we all depend upon.

Data syndication is a fundamental concept and basic skill for all "digital citizens" in order to grow a healthy economy and community. What needs to be taught and what should we expect people to know? Who needs to be taught first? Where is the funding? If you have some ideas, can lend a hand, or influence decision makers, please attend or contribute your thoughts.

Open Data

BarCamp Tampa Bay 2011

BarCamp Tampa Bay


Kforce Staffing
1001 East Palm Ave near exit 1 on I-4
Tampa, FL 33605
Sep 24 2011 9:00a - 6:00p

The topics and the presenters are diverse, but will appeal to anyone who has an interest in technology and the internet. This is an event for web designers, developers, marketers, copy writers, SEOs, sys admins and anyone who operates a business with a web presence to get together and share their knowledge.

The endearing quality of the unconference format is that you have options all day. If the presentation you choose isn’t what you were expecting, you can always jump over into another room and check out something else.

The schedule starts BLANK in the morning and is filled up by attendees that want to do a presentation. Presenters choose their room and time and everyone else scours the board to choose the path that they will take for the day.

Extracting Trend Data from Geo-tweets

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Interesting Where 2.0 2011 Presentation last month: We have come a long way from Twittervision. Is it possible to extract knowledge from social data feeds? What services are there or do you have to build it yourself with a SMAQ stack?

John Barratt, "Who, What, Where, When: Creating New Maps from Geo-tweets"

Also Personalized Newspapers from social data:

GiveCamp Orlando

GiveCamp Orlando


TBA Orlando, FL
Oct 21 2011 Oct 22 2011

What is GiveCamp? "GiveCamp is a weekend-long event where technology professionals from designers, developers and database administrators to marketers and web strategists donate their time to provide solutions for non-profit organizations. Since its inception in 2007, the GiveCamp program has provided benefits to over 150 charities, with a value of developer and designer time exceeding $1,000,000 in services!" GiveCamp.Orlando: October 21-23 The first-ever GiveCamp.Orlando will be held October 21-23, 2011, coinciding with the National Day of GiveCamp, when GiveCamps will be held in cities throughout the U.S.

Chad Miller's Orlando Crime Map

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Chad has taken some publicly available data put out by the Orlando Police, and displayed it on a Google Map.

He also has a number of Twitter accounts for all the zip codes in the area, each with their own feed of calls -

He also gives a pie chart showing the breakdown of the different types of calls. Apparently the police reply to a lot of "suspicious person", "commercial alarm", and "general disturbance" calls, not to mention "battery" and "accident" (injuries or minor) calls.

A possible app to build: Food Truck Map of Orlando

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In light of the screaming popularity of Food Trucks in Orlando lately, I was thinking of putting together a list of food trucks - where are they, when are they open?

One example:

It would certainly need to be mobile friendly, or perhaps primarily optimized for mobile at first.

The big question is how to get the Food Truck owners to check in, and make it meaningful.

Only one food truck owner was Tweeting from a location, and it was state wide. Some would say (in plain text) where they were headed, but it could be the day before, morning of, or after they had set up already.

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Open Data

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