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A possible app to build: Food Truck Map of Orlando

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In light of the screaming popularity of Food Trucks in Orlando lately, I was thinking of putting together a list of food trucks - where are they, when are they open?

One example:

It would certainly need to be mobile friendly, or perhaps primarily optimized for mobile at first.

The big question is how to get the Food Truck owners to check in, and make it meaningful.

Only one food truck owner was Tweeting from a location, and it was state wide. Some would say (in plain text) where they were headed, but it could be the day before, morning of, or after they had set up already.

A food truck is normally in the same place every day, but not necessarily. Being right 80% of the time would be too easy. The last 20% would be hard. It's like a clock that's right exactly twice every day.


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ryanprice wrote 7 years 4 weeks ago

Just found another service

Just found another service that lists food trucks:

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