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The Space is not the Community

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A coworking space in New York, NY recently found out their lease is up on May 1st - not a lot of time to find a new home in the big city. In the mean time, they're looking for temporary space for 12-25 people.

This reminds me a lot of what Orlando does right now on Tuesdays, but they have to do it every day, until further notice, and their community is used to paying for a chair in a space, traveling to the office, holding meetings, going to community events, etc.

This is a real test of community strength. Could we do this for a month, while waiting for Urban Think to open? 3 months? Six?

They also mention the BREAKOUT festival:

I'd love to get some momentum going sooner rather than later. I guess the point of this message is that the space, while important, is not the community. Tony and New Work City are about to prove that to the world.

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