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Seeking Southwest Florida Catalysts

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Florida is already "on the map" in our minds, let's prove to the rest of the world that we belong there.

In December 2006, 8 forward-thinking kids sat down for a beer and a good conversation. Within a matter of weeks, dozens of folks were getting together, sharing stories and building connections. Everyone was (and still is) welcome, and the plan has always been to reach out to all inhabited parts of Florida.

About 2 years ago, I re-launched this site to support regional and interest-based groups. To date, Orlando and Brevard are the two healthy groups with regular Happy Hours, but the site also points to dozens of groups in Jacksonville, Tampa, Lakeland, Tallahassee, Gainesville and South Florida.

Now we add Southwest Florida to the mix. This area has been lightly represented by a few posts and members in the past, but I decided to round out our statewide regions by making an official group here.

Hosting Florida Creatives Happy Hours couldn't be easier - some folks now refer to these events as "tweetups", but it's all the same if you ask me. You pick a time and place to get together, invite a few people, announce it to the wide web of people out there, and roll the dice. Sometimes, gatherings can be of a modest size. Other times, you get way more than you bargained for. That's what you get when you combine modern networks and passionate individuals, and it's really exciting.

Another big thing coming up is BarCampOrlando. This will be our fourth large BarCamp, fifth if you count BarCampChaos. Congratulations for having a BarCampSouthwest this year, I'm sorry I wasn't there.

I've created a wiki page for Southwest Florida that has a minimal amount of information, and one sub-page for a meetup group. This is free and open for any member to add to, if you'd like to add a community or meetup profile.

Last but not least, if anyone is interested in becoming a moderator for this group, just say so, and I'll happily set you up.

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