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UCF Student DM Club Launches

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I'm thrilled to announce a new student-led, digital media club at UCF. They had their first meeting this past Tuesday with about 30 people in attendance. Though most of the meetings will be students presenting their work or useful tutorials, they're actively looking for creative folks from industry to come talk about their own projects.

For more information, check out their site at



ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 27 weeks ago

Awesome news! I was

Awesome news!

I was tangentially involved with the original Digital Media Club / SIGGRAPH Chapter, back in the days of Luiz.

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Ryan Price

Nick Hoefly wrote 8 years 26 weeks ago

Just to let you know... The

Just to let you know... The UCF SIGGRAPH Chapter is still here and an additional DM Club seems kind of redundant. Did anyone even make an effort to find out about SIGGRAPH?

Just wondering.

club member of dm wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago

Well the problem with

Well the problem with SIGGRAPH is that they never have meetings. No one knows what they are about and the few people who have gone to SIGGRAPH meeting have told me that nothing ever gets done. They havn't reached out to the students at all. I'm sure at one point the club was good, but no one ever kept up with it. The digital m club is suppose to be a new start. We have very ambitious leaders and a great amount of support. This isn't a matter about whose club succeeds, but that we the students get what we want out of our education.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 22 weeks ago

I don't have any complaints

I don't have any complaints about the name, as long as you keep the greater Central Florida community up-to-date with your activities and initiatives. I want to come to stuff, and something like the Central Florida Tech Events calendar would be a great start!

Ryan Price

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