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Two things:

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Really bummed that I couldn't make the meetup last night, wanted to get to know/meet some of you.

This should prolly be a bio or a "hi, my name is and I do this and that" but I couldn't be bothered really, though I'm happy to if someone asks.

But on with it:
Have had an idea rolling around in my head for a few years and have always wanted to do a magazine for the locals, "HANDLEBAR". Of course I have no funding for publishing, but it could be done on the cheap with PDF and ISSUU. My only hesitation, which could be seen as control-freak-issue, is that I have higher expectations of art/design than most of what I seen produced around here. I can admit that I am a snob about it, but I have been privy to a lot of underground art and wanted the magazine to reflect that. So there in fact lies the dilemma, that is until I found out this group even existed. My thoughts are, just because this is brevard doesn't mean there aren't some wicked minds out there creating mind-blowing stuff. Those people know this is a hard place to show that kind of work.

Anyway, I'm looking for feedback and to see about interest. I would like to have an issue out this fall/winter if at all possible or maybe even Jan/2010 and I am looking for submissions.

I have a couple of ideas for some photoshoots I would love to do. I want to post a casting call but wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions outside of Myspace and FB of getting locals to want to participate. Would a blanket casting call work? Oh, and this would be totally free for your portfolio kind of work. If I get hired because of this work I will totally promote my models. I'm not in need of crew, but always happy to have volunteers.

I am open to collaborating. I'm a busy gal as I work FULLTIME, plus I have a family, PLUS I am fulltime photographer, oh and at some point I would like to sleep. But, truthfully I will sleep when I am dead prolly. I would love to collaborate with someone who needs commercial photography or an art project. I started in film, and sometimes prefer it and will use my film cameras over digital if that is what the project calls for. I am open to most work, nothing scares me unless it involves having to hold my breath for a long time. I like to work with those who are open and creative and are laid back. I'm really easy to work with and don't stress out much, just don't see the point really. Anyway, if you have a project or maybe want to get together and throw around ideas to get Brevard to wake up, creating street signs or even painting streets outright, doing an impromptu art show, do something daring and crazy, wear raspberry berets and handlebar mustaches, or just grab a margarita - I'm for it.



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sdgweb wrote 8 years 50 weeks ago

Hello Jus, Wow!!! Reminds me

Hello Jus,

Wow!!! Reminds me how our lives are so crazy and busy. I am a father of 2 girls and married for about 8 years now, so I know where you are coming from. Running a business as well, it can get pretty crazy.

Great ideas, I would suggest hooking up with BCA (Brevard Cultural Alliance) people and talk with Shelli Williams the director there.

Keep me updated on your work, would love to hear great things about it.

Feel free to connect with me on: (twitter) (linkedin) (facebook) (facebook for the company)

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