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South Florida, get off your butt!

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We would really like to have a South Florida meetup, but the question often rises: Miami, Ft Lauderdale, further North? I found a pretty good place in Ft Lauderdale (the kind of place I would hold the meetup if I was down there) called Brew Urban Cafe. I posted about it in the wiki:

If someone was interested in making Florida Creatives happen, that's where I'd do it. The next step would be to pick a date, and perhaps follow one or more of the tips in this Wiki:

You (all) and the 18-ish other members of the group should maybe start a forum post and figure out a good time, then create an event and meet up.[]=150[]=150

One exercise we did for Brevard was to take a poll to find out which general location worked for the most people:
You can do that too:[]=150

I'm not saying, I'm just suggesting. Love you guys.



Diana Taylor Pug At The Beach wrote 8 years 9 weeks ago

How about bringing it up the

How about bringing it up the coast just a wee bit, say, the Delray Beach area? I'm a writer, visual artist, illustrator who would like to connect with other local artists.

Diana Taylor
Top Dog
Pug At The Beach
Delray Beach, FL
A little bit of Zen, a lotta play!

Who's Pug? Think the Dalai Lama meets Jimmy Buffett.

Join the adventure:

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ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 8 years 9 weeks ago

Diana, Whatever works,


Whatever works, really - if folks are more inclined to show up in a different city, let's do it. That whole area is so large, it should easily be able to support several happy hours (just hopefully not on the same night).

Pick a date and a place and we'll announce it on the site.

Ryan Price

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