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Brevard CoWorking Discussion

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Read this thread: and come participate in this discussion if you have insight or ideas to offer.

What types of places in Brevard do you think would be ideal coworking spots? Wifi cafes seem like the *obvious* choice for now until we can amass enough groundswell (or outstay our welcome) to move into more plush surroundings. Any other ideas?

Anyone know of businesses that might want to partner/sponsor such an idea?

I was thinking of registering a domain for this and setting up a basic schedule of places/locations. We can kind of 'float' for most days and times, but try to have a couple of sweet spots that are fairly consistent. That way, if you feel like "getting outta da house", you can just check the schedule and show up at that location in hopes that others will feel the same.

It avoids the whole "Twitter me next time you are going to XYZ" and just trying to get two people together - which is like pulling teeth in this day and age. Thus, you might never know who will show up. Some of us (ahem!) hate Twitter.

Please share your thoughts, your ideas, your fears, your concerns, your net worth, or anything else you think would prove helpful.



feravolo wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

If anyone is looking to

If anyone is looking to start a coworking place in Brevard I saw on the builten board there are a number of offices in our building in Cocoa Beach on the 2nd Floor.

As far as I know they are asking $17.50/ft and the rent incluies el;ectric, I own an office in the building and was thinking of renting some of the space myself.

The Cape Royal Buislfing is a has been a Cooca Beach landmark since it was built for the Appllo Program in the mid sixteies. Now it's an industal condo and the company that is leasing the 2nd Floor has lost a big cape contract and there are offices with windows starting around 100/sq.

This floor was remodeled and has a different floor plan then the rest of the building and our building has about 5 acres of parking and is loacted on the beachside of A1A betwen the Hitlton and the DoubleTree.


Mike wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

I would love if we could set

I would love if we could set something like this up.

I don't think we'd need to set up a new web site or anything fancy - we could do it right here on

I have a tiny office in Cocoa Village, there's a coffee shop there (Ossorio) that has WiFi that I (and others) often work at. There's also Sunshoppe Cafe in downtown Melbourne - I used to hang out there a bunch. Alex knows about a place in Satellite Beach, and I'm sure there are others around.

The office in Cocoa Beach is an interesting idea, how many people are beachside where that would make sense? What is a standard cost for access to a co-working space?

-(the other) mike

feravolo wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

One of the reasons that I

One of the reasons that I bought my office in the Cape Royal Building besides that I also live in the neibourhood is that there is always space availalble there.

I also saw a three roon office for $500/mo ( 600 SqFt t) on an upper floor with a view of the ocean with desks already in there. All you would need to run the whole thing for a year is six dimes for the office and another one for decent internet and skype for phone. We use Brevard Wirless and which would run 10mega bit service for $50/mo leaving $400 which is more then enogh for a skype in number and unlimited long distane and a wireless rounter and some cables.

So if you got a dozen people to kick in say $ you could do the whole thing, since the electic is included you don't have to hassle with FPL.

Mike Feravolo
Software Freedom Innovations
1980 N Atlantic Ave #121
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
(407) 745-1545

loopy wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

I think you are right about

I think you are right about the discussion going on here at F/C.

However, I took a few minutes after my original post and decided to create a singular hub for all coworking in Brevard with a quick W/P install. I'll post some more info there tomorrow, but I'd be fully interested in anyone's opinion on some general schedule of coworking places, especially in South Brevard (my stompin' grounds).

Check it out:

If we ever actually get our own place (or places considering the length of this county), I'm hoping we can have 'music themes' for certain days/nights. How about Metal Mondays? Anyone? No?.... Rats!

JusCowland wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

hi - new here... i'm trying

hi - new here...
i'm trying to understand the gist of co-working.
in a dayjob atmosphere where you get a weekly negotiated check, co-working means that you work with people... but from the information i am reading, you aren't really working with others you are leaving your home to work somewhere else where there is wifi and maybe a snack and coffee; ultimately a different environment. are you suggesting this? because i do that all the time, but i don't call it coworking at B&N in merritt island. i just call it getting out of the house.

or is it like collaborative working? where maybe you are in a meeting but you are each working on different projects?? see still confused.

writers call this type of place a grotto. a grotto is a place outside their home or office that holds a desk and a typewriter. sometimes they share ideas and conversations with others who are in the grotto, but mostly it is to write. art colleges have co-ops or residences.

so i guess again my question is, what is co-working? i don't think it is that big of a deal to go somewhere and work outside your normal four walls. i am always interested in being near others who share my interests, but are they there then collaborating and bouncing ideas or is it a perchance meeting that we are all in the same cafe?

just looking for clarity.

xentek's picture
xentek wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

Nah. You just haven't found

Nah. You just haven't found your use case for it yet. Twitter is a parlor game with one rule (140 chars) but infinite variations.

Eric Marden

gswd's picture
gswd wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

I think/feel that the basis

I think/feel that the basis of co-working is a shared office space. Use it as you need it, because sometimes it just is not appropriate to meet with a client at the local coffee shop. Whether or not there is a collaborative work environment would probably be up to the others in the office space. Some places would also have a shared receptionist that could forward your incoming calls to wherever you are, home #, cell #, wherever. And shared meeting room, that again would be scheduled through the receptionist, or a shared calendar on a network (or Google calendar or something).

As to the phone system, would Skype really be the solution? What about the Magic Jack? I've got one and have been happy with the voice quality on a cable internet.

loopy wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

JusCowland: We are all about

JusCowland: We are all about as new to this as you are... However, you are right in referring to it as a 'grotto'... just a common place where folks can go to work in the same place, but usually not on the same projects. You are working in a common environment, and hopefully, you will have a greater chance of meeting folks and sharing ideas, information, practices, and so forth with these people since you have, in theory, some common ground to begin with.

By having some kind of coordination, it allows you to have even a greater chance for this to happen. Thus, instead of heading to B&N one day, you might go to wherever the coworking 'hotspot of the day' happens to be. So, instead of 10 people working at 10 different locations (maybe 3 writers, 3 web developers, 2 students, and 2 marketing gurus), everyone is 'meeting' at the same place. Conversation and workflow might be just as sporadic as before - or might be lively and cooperative on a few things. The marketers might enjoy hearing a writer's point of view on a project they are working on, whereas the web developers might point out a few ideas to help push the project along - or vice-versa. Or perhaps web developer A is stuck on a client issue that web developer B just so happens to have a wealth of experience at it.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with simply putting your head down and just working without interaction - coworking just provides an environment and an opportunity; people do the rest.

A more 'official' coworking spot, as being discussed here and already done in Orlando, would be a 'for-rent' space that would have more benefits than simply meeting at wifi cafes. For more serious web workers and creative types, such a place would also provide them with quasi-professional office space (i.e. 'a desk of their own') and the usual trimmings associated with that (copy machine, fax, coffee machine, common receptionist (sometimes), etc). BYOB. See CoLabOrlando's website or any other 'official' coworking location's website for specifics on how it works.

Ideally, we'll have a few such places here in Brevard one day, but I think for the immediate time being, organizing 'hotspots of the day' and similar ideas is probably a good start to see what kind of interest there would be. We (don't yet) have the proof that Brevard has enough people to financially support such a system, although I wouldn't be surprised to see this take off sooner than later. Still, that wouldn't necessarily negate the ongoing need for public outings outside of an official coworking spot.

To sum up, coworkers are disparate remote workers who have the option to leave their home or business and work alongside similar workers in a common environment for the mutual benefit of sharing, inspiring, and growing as individuals.

GSWD: I like your idea, but I think the reason the Skype issue was brought up is that many of us remote workers already maintain a Skype number or two (or similar VOIP) and would like to continue to manage/use that number while on-site, especially if they are paying a monthly fee to access the Coworking Location. Wifi cafes are notoriously too slow and inconsistent for most VOIP services, so most of us only use them to check voicemail - but we don't place calls (or even think about such things like recording conference VOIP calls for a podcast). I think Mike F. was just referring to the fact that such a service from Brevard Wireless would be sufficient to manage any Skyping that anyone might want to do.

Mike F: That building is an awesome building and does have some ferocious views. I'm hopeful that it could be a great location for our North Brevard friends if we can generate some interest.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 9 years 6 weeks ago

If you get anything out of

If you get anything out of that original post, "What a difference a year can make", it's that you should really pick one day a week and one place, and just... keep... swimming...!

Every week, without fail.

Like Eric said, set up a mailing list - or use the email features of this site if you like.

Ryan Price

loopy wrote 9 years 5 weeks ago

Okay... well put Ryan. For

Okay... well put Ryan.

For those interested, we are going to give a shot at this in South Brevard (See Below).

I'd like to encourage our brothers and sisters up north (Cocoa/Titusville) to start a similar thing. Let me know and we'll put it also on as well as here.

Tuesdays: Indian River Coffee (10am - 4pm) on Sarno & Croton. (

This is a good way to show support for our local businesses, too. IRC had to shut one store down late last year - they are now down to two. They usually have a quite a bit of room and are usually quiet. While they don't have "real" food for lunch, there is a pizzeria across the parking lot, as well as a Chinese food place (although I've tried neither).

But it's a good central location for now - and we don't have to fight the downtown Melbourne traffic lunch crowd.

The manager is Charlene and she would be happy to welcome a small crowd of locals on a regular basis.

Rotting_Corpse's picture
Rotting_Corpse wrote 9 years 5 weeks ago

I support what Lawny said,

I support what Lawny said, IRC is a nice little shop I like to go to. Coffee is good and the girls that work there are nice ;D

Mike wrote 9 years 5 weeks ago

That's a good call - I've

That's a good call - I've been there a few times myself. I can't make it this week (kids are on April vacation), but I'll try to make it next week.

As far as the Cocoa/Titusville crowd goes, I'll put forth this suggestion: Thursdays 10AM - 4PM at Ossorio in Cocoa Village. WiFi is free and they serve lunch.


Elliot wrote 9 years 5 weeks ago

I'll definitely support

I'll definitely support Thursdays at Ossorio, I bet my colleague John would come out too. I go to Ossorio's all the time, but have been too lazy to set up a regular day. Looking forward to seeing you there!

loopy wrote 9 years 5 weeks ago

Sounds like a good plan. I

Sounds like a good plan. I put the Ossario's on Thursdays on the schedule.

I don't think we need to post if we'll be there or not each week - or maybe we can come up with some solution for that if necessary. I think the important thing is just to have a regular time that anyone and everyone can meet if they feel like getting out that day.

I'm certainly not going to be able to attend consistently, but I'll try.

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 9 years 4 weeks ago

Re-posted from the Orlando

Re-posted from the Orlando Coworking Google Group:

I don't remember who proposed Thursdays at Ossorios in Cocoa, but
there will be at least 3 of us there today, writing codes and eating
fresh pastries and fixing bugs in Ubuntu. It's one of my absolute
favorite cafes in Florida. WiFi is free, the chef is friendly, and
it's right near the river.

I plan to be there most Thursdays.


Elliot Murphy

Ryan Price

blockandtackle wrote 8 years 49 weeks ago

Hey, Lawrence S. - Mark and

Hey, Lawrence S. - Mark and I would love to get together with you and catch up sometime. You're a hard man to find these days.

- Nichole Levy

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