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Tech Thursday @Urban ReThink

Tech Thursday @Urban ReThink


Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL
Feb 09 2012 6:25p - 8:00p

Students all over this country, and the world are struggling to be ready for a 21st century, that is hyper-fast, hyper-agile, and hyper-technical and complex.  Equipping students with the right tools to be ready for this future is on every educator's mind, and every school district's budget.  But so far, technology spending has not always yielded the predicted benefits. Despite mass expenditures on computers, servers, networks, kids have not fared any better, at least using standardized tests as a measure.  In fact, in the United States, students are falling behind relative to their international peers.  We believe the era of enabling students and empowering them with smart applications of technology is just beginning, and this edition of Tech Thursday will identify and showcase such applications being applied globally and here in Orange County schools.

Featured speaker: George Perrault  Current Director of Instructional Technology and Library Media for Orange County Public Schools. Mr. Perrault specializes in classroom technology and IT infrastructure management for Orange County, presently the tenth largest school district in the nation. He will focus on technology in the classroom today, the vision for the future, and how we in the business community can help.

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