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FVS Workshop: How to Raise Money For Your New Venture

Florida Venture Sourcing


Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
Mar 20 2012 7:00p - 9:00p

This workshop will teach you how to seek funds to grow your new venture.  We will focus on identifying the right source of capital and developing the appropriate fundraising strategy and process.  We will discuss the legal aspects of fundraising, valuation, and effective negotiation strategies.  By following the practices learned in this workshop, you will better navigate the fundraising process.

What will you learn?

How to:

  • Find sources of money
  • Develop a fundraising strategy
  • Develop the necessary fundraising documents
  • Read a term sheet
  • Negotiate a deal
  • Avoid common fundraising mistakes

Who is this workshop for?

Entrepreneurs, startup founders, CEOs, students, and others seeking capital or wanting to learn how to seek capital for a new venture.


Ed Alexander has represented entrepreneurs and their ventures since he became a lawyer in 1993. Ed is the founder of the Entrepreneurship Law Firm, P.L., located in Orlando, and is admitted to practice law in both Florida and New York.  Ed is the author of “5 Business Killing Mistakes” and “The Entrepreneur’s No-Nonsense Nuts and Bolts New Venture Legal Guide. Prior to law school, Ed held non-legal positions with technology companies, including a pacemaker, integrated circuit, and laser bar code manufacture.

Dennis R. Pape is the founder of Florida Venture Sourcing, managing director at Central Florida Technology Ventures and AlphaLaunch.  He has worked with and for both startups and investors over the last 10 years.  Prior to that he founded and built a venture-backed photonics startup in Melbourne and worked for a venture-backed new venture creation company in Orlando.  This workshop is based on his experience in raising funds for his startup and assisting other new ventures in their fundraising efforts.



staceyrlou's picture
staceyrlou wrote 6 years 28 weeks ago

I am the "organizer" (loose

I am the "organizer" (loose term, truly) of the SW FL Creates group (FT. Myers/Naples)...any chance we can get this workshop down south? I know a lot of people in this area who would benefit from something like this, myself included.
I am hoping to get something up down here that will help locals in the creative industries with such things as funding, development, etc.

You can message me via this site.


admin wrote 6 years 28 weeks ago

Yeah, Dennis, looks like we

Yeah, Dennis, looks like we got you a new batch of customers!

Dennis wrote 6 years 28 weeks ago

Hi Stacey, Thanks! We

Hi Stacey,


We believe that there is so much talent and new venture potential throughout Florida that would benefit from the experience of those of us who have travelled the road of founding and building companies.

We certainly want to expand throughout Florida - traveling to your area to teach or perhaps teaming up with local mentors and sharing our knowledge so they become teachers. Let's talk about ideas. What do you suggest?

There are, by the way, some wonderful resources on the web - including courses. Check out But none of these that I have found offer the one-on-one interaction you need to really incorporate the information into your new venture.



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