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Florida Creatives Happy Hour @ Fringe

Orlando Fringe


Orlando Fringe Beer Tent
812 E Rollins Street Loch Haven Park
Orlando, FL 32803
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May 22 2013 6:30p - 9:30p

Orlando Fringe has been a stop on the Florida Creatives Happy Hour circuit since our first year. They create a great collaborative environment for art on the edge, particularly theatre, though there is some awesome visual art, poetry and music there as well. This year there will even be a Pecha Kucha Night as an official Fringe show!

Some of you may have noticed that we haven't had many Happy Hours this year... that's because I've been really busy putting together my first-ever Fringe show, The 39 Steps. The story of how I got to this point? Ask me at the beer tent.

I am planning on booking this time at the official outdoor stage as a Florida Creatives Happy Hour, and I have some activities planned for that time. I have been conflicted about wether I should book the event on the same night as my show, and then I decided that if anyone else had asked me, I would totally book a Happy Hour to coincide with their event given enough lead time, and we have done in the past.

The 39 Steps will be playing at 9:30 that night but Pecha Kucha is not. They do have a show Thursday at 9:15. A couple of shows our members might be interested in are 4 Truths and a Lie from California, Arts or Crafts from Apopka, Dance for Grandma (local), Geek Life from San Francisco, and Skill Focus: Burlesque - I have lots more recommendations than these but this is a decent sampling of just about every kind of show - storytellers, one-man shows, music, adult themes, and of course nudity (Fringe is uncensored).

Florida Creatives Happy Hours is eyeballing locations near downtown for a summer series of Happy Hours - BART, Quantum Leap Wine, Washburn Imports, Maxine's, etc. If you are not signed up for the newsletter make sure you get in on that for semi-monthly inspiration and event announcements.

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