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Brian Walks


Baldwin Park (Art Stroll of Baldwin Park)
4926 New Broad St
Orlando, FL 32814
Phone: 407-792-9421
Apr 10 2009 5:00p - 9:00p

Brian Walks

As part of the first Art Stroll of Baldwin Park, Brian Feldman (I Shouldn’t Be Here Right Now, txt, Trying to Cry, sleepwalk, PILLOWLANDO) will recontextualize two recent blog posts by Orlando Sentinel theater critic, Elizabeth Maupin: “Brian Feldman has been a remarkably busy young man recently, and he doesn’t seem inclined to slow down.” (23 Feb 2009) and “I don’t think it’ll take you four hours to make this walk...” (6 Apr 2009), by embarking on a slowed down, four hour walking performance.

Beginning at 5:00 PM in the center of the Gazebo on Lake Baldwin, Brian will take one step every 6.5 seconds, strolling past all of the Art Stroll of Baldwin Park venues along New Broad Street: Planet Beach Tanning Salon, Jack’s Steak House, Trish’s Teas, WineStyles, Vibe Performing Arts Center, Pink Heart Boutique, and Lake Baldwin Lane: Pro-Active Family Chiropractic, Belle Vie Day Spa, prior to reaching the final Art Stroll destination of Creative Spirit Art Gallery at 9:00 PM, for a total of 2,215 steps.

For the complete route, please see:

Take a photo or video of Brian at any point during the performance and @BrianFeldman on Twitter or email to receive a free 1" button. (Brian Walks : Facebook Event) (Art Stroll of Baldwin Park : Facebook Event) (Brian Walks : Media Release) (Brian Walks : Google Docs)
When referencing on Twitter, please use hashtag: #brianwalks

Public Transportation / Vehicle Parking / Biking and Walking:
LYNX: Take Link 13 (walk south on Lakemont Ave, continue south on Jake St to New Broad St; or east on New Broad St @ Maguire Blvd), Link 28, Link 29, Link 30 (walk north on Humphries Ave @ E Colonial Dr), or Link 313 (walk east on Corrine Dr @ General Reese Ave, or south on Lakemont Ave). / Street parking is available throughout Baldwin Park. / Biking and walking are both good for you and pleasant modes of transportation on a Friday evening, and anytime!

Brian Feldman Projects is Central Florida’s premiere experimental time-based performance art outfit. Dinners on stage with real life families, leaping off ladders for 24 hours, massive pillow fights, group tours in Google translated Swedish through IKEA - this is what we do. Upcoming projects include txt 2.0 (Workshop) (18 Apr 2009), Spaceship Feldman (22 Apr 2009), Barefoot in the Park (2 May 2009), Miniature (9 May 2009) and The End of Television: Part III (12 Jun 2009).

Brian Feldman Projects

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