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BarCamp Orlando 2011

BarCamp Orlando


Wall Street Plaza
19 N Orange Ave Slingapour's, One-Eyed Jack's, Gibson Cafe
Orlando, FL 32801
Apr 02 2011 9:00a - 6:00p

BarCamp Orlando is a community building event which happens once a year to bring together people from different backgrounds to share and learn from each other. There will be people who know Java, .NET, Ruby, Python, PHP, and other technologies coming together with people who know film, music, photography, graphic design, podcasting, and even other new Media.

We hope to provide free T-shirts and Lunch to all attendees, but we can only do this with assistance from sponsors (Click here for information on sponsoring). T-shirts will be first come, first serve, so you're best off coming early if you definitely want a shirt.

There is only one rule with BarCamp:

It is strongly recommended that attendees give a demo, a session, or help with one. This is called sharing and we like it.

Don't be intimidated by this, just think about what you're passionate about and come give a talk on it. It could be operating system you use, a language you program with, a website you like, how to get a thousand twitter followers, how to use photoshop, or how to wash your cat (link this somewhere). We have four speaking rooms at our venue, and a projector will be available at all but one of them if you'd like to make some slides. If you'd like to just lead a discussion, you can sign up to do that without a projector as well.

You won't need to decide what you want to talk about until you get there. We won't be scheduling talks until the day of the event (that's part of the fun). We'll build a schedule with speakers together on a whiteboard starting at 9:30 AM on April 2nd, 2011, the day of the event. With this venue we'll probably only have enough time for half the people who register to present, so you may want to come early if you want to guarantee a speaking spot.


9:30 am Doors open, people can sign up for talks on the big whiteboard.
10:00 am Talks start. There are three rooms for presentations, and each presentation will have 25 minutes and they will be spaced out. We recommend that you limit your talks to about 20 minutes to allow 5 minutes for discussion (and incase you run long).
12:00 pm Lunch is served, we take an hour break.
1:00 pm Talks resume.
6:00 pm BarCamp ends and the after-party starts at Baby Grands.

BarCamp is lucky enough to be taking place in the heart of downtown Orlando's nightlife scene, Wall Street Plaza. We will have four venues for presentations, Slingapour's, One Eyed Jacks, The Globe, and Gibson Guitar Center. Lunch will be served at Waitiki. We will also have outside seating in and around the Globe for those who want to hang out and mingle.


We recommend the parking garage across from the Library. We will have more information for you as the event gets closer.

Register Now for BarCamp Orlando!


Wall Street Plaza
19 N Orange Ave Slingapour's, One-Eyed Jack's, Gibson Cafe
Orlando, FL 32801

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