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Reel Crew: Governor's Film Directory

Press release copied from the Film1 Newsletter:


Registration has begun for the Governor’s Office of Film and Entertainment’s new online production directory! Reel Crew, as the directory is known, will revolutionize the way that potential clients find the crew members and support services they need for their Florida projects! Reel-Crew is an expansion to the Reel-Scout system that will create a searchable, electronic database of Florida’s skilled workforce and available production resources.

The new directory will allow local crew and support services to register, create a profile with information on their work history and professional credits, and even upload their resume (brochure upload will be available for businesses). These profiles will be accessible by clients all over the world looking to bring their projects to Florida.

Clients will be able to create a customized directory of crew and support services for the area(s) they are looking to work in. Search for crew members and local business by category, region, union affiliation, and much more! Additionally, clients will have the ability to print their results (with just a click) in a variety of ways – e.g., by name, by category, will all credits listed, with just the most recent credits listed, etc.

Crew members and support services can register for the new directory at Stay tuned for more information on when the guide’s search feature will go live!

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