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New Instrument: Dijbass

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Seen on the Behringer blog:

an unlikely combination of didgeridoo and electric bass. Sporting a 24-inch hollow aluminum body, the instrument is able to produce tones in the same range as its traditional didgeridoo cousin, which can reach lengths of 8 feet or more. This is due to a complex system of internal baffles that "fold the air flow in half and direct it out the front." Not sure I follow the acoustics going on there, but it sounds great to me! A small condenser microphone is housed within the assembly to reproduce the didge-tones.

The electric bass elements of the instrument are fairly traditional; four strings, a pickup, and an output jack. There's also a switch that raises the middle two strings from the fingerboard, allowing the instrument to be played with a bow!

Andy's got an active web presence, too—check out his site at

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