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Local Musician S.K.I.P. is seeking Kickstarters

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For over three years now i have been working on my newest musical experience, entitled, "Until The Very End." And after all that time and energy spent, i am proud to say that the album is completed and almost ready to share with the world.

All of the music is recorded, however, i lack the finances needed to complete the mixing, mastering and duplication processes of the album. We (S.K.I.P. & Swamburger) have self-funded the recording and promotional aspects of the album, bringing in musicians and instrumentalists such as Jimmy Seay, Kris Gruda, Sean Moore, Clay Watson, and Beef Wellington to make this record a unique and explosive musical experience.

Visit to download the lead single, "RED VS. BLUE" FOR FREE!!!

With your help, we hope to raise the remaining funds needed to finish and print the album. Every bit of your contributions go towards the completing stages of the album, and are rewarded with cool and imaginative prizes and exclusive album memorabilia, e.g. the album, comics, exclusive downloads, shirts, framed original artwork from the comic book series, private home performances, and more...

Even the smallest donations help us reach our goal, however, if we don't reach our goal of $3,000 by the date given, the kickstarter program does not collect and disperse any of the money pledged, which brings us back to square one. So please, dust off your imaginations, suspend your grown-up disenchantment, and give what you can. Help us spread this heartfelt collection of stories and music to the world from now, until the very end.



ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 7 years 4 weeks ago

Just $335 left! Update from

Just $335 left!

Update from S.K.I.P.:

Thanks to the time, love and energy from over 100 of our friends, we have just passed $2,665 in pledges on our Kickstarter project!!!! So whats left now? ONLY $335 TO GO!!!!! So we need YOUR help to get the remaining pledges that we need in time. Below is a link to the project where you can pledge towards our goal of finishing and printing the new album, "Until the Very End." Remember, anything that you pledge now won't be charged on your card for another 13 DAYS when the project deadline closes, and it only takes about four minutes to do. Pledge amounts start at $1 and there are tons a really cool rewards like albums, shirts, comic book, personalized memorabilia and private live performances. So whether you wanna just pledge to pre-order the album, or more, or just a couple bucks to help out, EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR HELPS TREMENDOUSLY!!! Thank you again for your interest in this project and helping us reach this goal. I look forward to your support and being able to share this THREE YEAR PROCESS of this album with all of you. Thank you. - S.K.I.P.

Link to Pledge on Kickstarter: (Just click on the green button on the page)

Link to listen to brand new music from "Until the Very End":

ryanprice's picture
ryanprice wrote 7 years 4 weeks ago

SUCCESS! I just received a


I just received a message from S.K.I.P. saying they have reached the goal!

This doesn't mean you don't have any more time - the Kickstarter will be open for 10 more days, and you can still reserve your copy of the album or the comics.

"Thank you again for all of your help, love and continued support." - S.K.I.P., Swamburger & Sean of Second Subject Recordings.

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