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FLCreatives Happy Hour Brevard

First Brevard County Happy Hour
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Squid Lips
1477 Pineapple Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32935

The Brevard East Coast Creatives is a mashup of all sorts of creative, design, and code types of people whose business is working with businesses to help them communicate and brand themselves on the web or in print.

We welcome liberal hippies and young conservatives alike. We welcome geeky code monkeys as well as artsy graphic designers. We welcome suit-and-tie marketing experts as well as hip trendy brand identity creators. We welcome firms, employees of companies, and freelancers alike.
If you are community-minded and want to share ideas, experiences, meet the people working all around you in Brevard, then come hang out. No pressure. No forced presentations. No need to talk at all. Just listen.

Get out of the house, the apartment, or the cubicle and come learn something new, share something crazy going on with a client, or meet someone who might be able to lend a helping hand (although probably not).

Founding Date: 
9 years 23 weeks ago
Meeting Time: 
Fourth Thursday of the month, 6PM


Squid Lips
1477 Pineapple Avenue
Melbourne, FL 32935
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