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Coworking Tuesdays

Orlando Coworking Tuesday at Stardust
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Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd Look for the Laptops
Orlando, FL 32803

This event is essentially a Jelly. Bring your laptop, or your homework (or whatever you need to work on). Meet some new people, most of whom work from home. There will be a lunch hour and a collaborative spirit. It's a bit like going to a traditional office, but in a non-traditional setting, and few if any of the attendees work for the same company.

For a list of friendly places to work, check out (or add to) our Orlando Wifi Wiki.

The earliest Coworking meetups in Orlando actually pre-date Florida Creatives by a few weeks, I believe. At the time, they were "Coworking Fridays", and they were held at places like the Lake Eola Panera Bread and B&S Daily Market in Downtown Orlando. After B&S closed and Alex Rudloff moved out of Orlando, several places were tried, like the meeting room at CityView when Jason and Meagan lived there, Cafe Ritazza, Volcano's Coffee, and many others.

About three years ago (February 26th, 2008), Gavin, Chad, Chris, Phil and myself were hanging out at CopyNight Orlando, and we got to talking about Coworking. This is when we came up with Coworking Tuesdays. Gavin and I stayed at Stardust long after closing, and I decided to shoot some video.

Look at how far we've come since then. This

Photo by Philip Fibiger

Founding Date: 
11 years 7 weeks ago
Meeting Time: 
9-5PM, Every Tuesday


Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd Look for the Laptops
Orlando, FL 32803
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