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Conversation Cafe

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Sun Center lobby by Maude's
101 SE 2nd Pl
Gainesville, FL 32601

Conversation Cafés are sponsored by the Youth For a New World, a non-profit educational and charitable organization that seeks to promote awareness, caring and action. They strengthen connection and compassion by linking youth through schools and other organizations in joint study and projects.

Vicki Robin, Co-founder of Conversation Cafés , has fostered the Conversation Café Initiative through public speaking, organizing, hosting Cafés, educating hosts, writing, and general cajoling and pleading. She is co-author with Joe Dominguez of Your Money or Your Life, an international best seller. That book continues to help people free up their time from the work-and-spend treadmill. Conversation Cafés help people investigate what this newly acquired free time might really be for. Since 9/11, Vicki has worked with the Café movement to help create social spaces where empowered citizenship might truly show up.

"In reflecting on the next steps I might apply myself to beyond promoting a shift in personal consumption patterns, I realized that my core message really wasn't 'Spend less' but was 'Reflect on what you spend in light of your values.' The Conversation Café project addresses the need to increase social intelligence, to build social capital and generate the social engagement so we can actually HAVE a wise democracy. I am doing this by building a network of Cafés where people can have weekly drop-in dialogues about the key inner and outer issues of our times.

"These Conversation Cafés are about free speech. Not as something that can be taken away in an era of repression, but as something one strengthens through self expression in the presence of those who do not agree. Free speech is our birthright. Repressive societies can change the consequences of speaking, but they do not govern our souls.

"I envision a culture of conversation — a culture where people talk freely — without fear or taboos — with friends and strangers alike. I once asked a Dane how Denmark had resisted the pressures of globalization. He said two words: study circles. Most Danes throughout their adult lives have the habit of conversation about things that matter in small groups.

"We can do that here. In cafés. In Britain in the 1700s the government shut down the cafés where people met to discuss politics because they were sites of revolutionary thinking. Here, we get our news from the TV, retreat into private sub-cultures through online chats and interact only with people who see the world as we do. This is a formula for weakening society enough to allow forces of repression to take over. Conversation Cafés are an attempt to reverse the trend."

Meeting Time: 
Weekly at 7pm on Thursday


Sun Center lobby by Maude's
101 SE 2nd Pl
Gainesville, FL 32601

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ryanprice wrote 8 years 25 weeks ago

Sounds a lot like the events

Sounds a lot like the events we call Likemind and MOOM. I guess you just can't keep a good idea down.

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