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Show and Tell

Jeff Wirth at Show and Tell
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Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
Show and Tell, for adults! Show us a project you've been working on, your favorite book, your wallet, your new haircut, an abstract idea you think we should all know about, a love letter, a scarf, a new gadget, or tell a great story from another creative community. Let us get inside the story, or see behind the process, introduce us to something new and amazing.

Show and Tell rules and regulations may vary according to the host and organization, but the most widely accepted rules are those determined by The National Show and Tell Super Duper Secret Society.

  1. When showing one must never wear yellow shoes, they are terribly distracting.
  2. When telling one should always have a paper clip in pocket, because when in doubt take a paper clip out.
  3. When entering the super duper secret show and tell location one must perform the super duper secret handshake.
  4. NEVER reveal the super duper secret handshake to a non “N.S.T.S.D.S.S.” member.
  5. Always wear stripped socks.
  6. Never question the reason for the stripped socks.
  7. Be courteous when others are showing and telling. Please keep your hiccuping and purse candy unwrapping to a minimum.
  8. Please try not wear knickers or snicker, however please feel free to wear slacks and eat Snickers.
  9. Whenever possible, please bring a friend, your grandma, or your uncle, (preferably those named George or Francis), when showing and telling.
Founding Date: 
7 years 1 week ago
Meeting Time: 
1st Tuesday of the Month, 6:25pm


Urban ReThink
625 E Central Blvd
Orlando, FL 32801
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