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Likemind Orlando, 3rd Fridays @ Drunken Monkey

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  • FLCreatives Happy Hour #66 at Orlando Fringe Beer Tent   5 years 51 weeks ago

    TONIGHT! See you at the beer tent!

    Here is a snap of the schedule for tonight:

    It's impossible to pick just one show I would recommend. This is a snapshot of what is happening tonight. I've seen Bad Connections, GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, I'm Saving it for Paul, and Theme Park Diva - all of the above would be a great entry into the world of Fringe. Later shows are those like The Compleat Repertory: Criteria, Medicine, Strange Dreamz and 9/11 - We Will Forget. A great one I have seen at other venues is The Habit.

    In short, spin the wheel - there is so much good stuff out there. You excited about any of these?

  • Hilary Mason: Social Data for Social Good   6 years 1 week ago

    I had the opportunity to see Ms. Mason speak while a participant in Betaspring last summer and enjoyed going over data analysis and reporting possibilities for the app I was working on with her after. She is a great lady, very smart and very nice, and her talk and suggestions were enlightening. If you can make this event I'd suggest it.

  • Hilary Mason: Social Data for Social Good   6 years 1 week ago

    The venue for this event is now URBAN RETHINK, 625 E Central Bvd, Orlando, FL 32801

    Parking Map:

  • Hacker Music Workshop + Jam Session   6 years 3 weeks ago

    we have a member named Brian who is very interested in the Hacker Sound Workshop and is hoping someone can carpool from Melbourne - any takers?

  • Record Player that plays a tree's rings   6 years 7 weeks ago

    This is so neat! I'm building the ultimate sustainable house right now, and this would work so well with the whole "green" theme! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this. I'm going to make it a mission to get my hands on this - nature's music!

  • FVS Workshop: How to Raise Money For Your New Venture   6 years 9 weeks ago

    Hi Stacey,


    We believe that there is so much talent and new venture potential throughout Florida that would benefit from the experience of those of us who have travelled the road of founding and building companies.

    We certainly want to expand throughout Florida - traveling to your area to teach or perhaps teaming up with local mentors and sharing our knowledge so they become teachers. Let's talk about ideas. What do you suggest?

    There are, by the way, some wonderful resources on the web - including courses. Check out But none of these that I have found offer the one-on-one interaction you need to really incorporate the information into your new venture.



  • FVS Workshop: How to Raise Money For Your New Venture   6 years 9 weeks ago

    Yeah, Dennis, looks like we got you a new batch of customers!

  • FVS Workshop: How to Raise Money For Your New Venture   6 years 9 weeks ago

    I am the "organizer" (loose term, truly) of the SW FL Creates group (FT. Myers/Naples)...any chance we can get this workshop down south? I know a lot of people in this area who would benefit from something like this, myself included.
    I am hoping to get something up down here that will help locals in the creative industries with such things as funding, development, etc.

    You can message me via this site.


  • Instagram Photowalk   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Just spoke to Dave Vanz on the phone - he has updated the location - we will be meeting at the Ceviche Tapas Restaurant on Church Street at 4:30 on Sunday. I suggested we hit up the Rusty Spoon afterwards for some onion rings and craft beer. He says they have an app that reads the feed out of instagram, so if you tag your photos with #phlier they will show up in their feed.

  • epublishing   6 years 10 weeks ago

    much thanks!

    Quick overview...the story is about the aftereffects of 9/11 on a man that loses his girlfriend on one of the planes.  The final draft (without any editorial input is 22000 words as calculated by MS Works..

    Yeah, I want to get it published and hope to get other things published.  I write in a variety of genres; sci-fi, fiction, fantasy, poetry.


  • FLCreatives Happy Hour #64 at Tailgaters UCF   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Anybody want to volunteer to make a generic flyer - that we can plug dates and locations in to, or to improve the print stylesheet for this page?

  • epublishing   6 years 10 weeks ago


  • epublishing   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Chuck, what genre is it? What is the length (in words)? What are your goals for it? Do you want to continue to try to publish other pieces?

    Feel free to email me at sarah.nicolas.ya at; I'd be happy to talk to you about this in more depth.

  • epublishing   6 years 10 weeks ago

    Chuck, I'm going to refer you to Sarah Nicolas, my resident writer friend. She might have some tips.

  • FLCreatives Happy Hour #64 at Tailgaters UCF   6 years 10 weeks ago

    I agree with Nicole. According to my opinion, flyers are great medium for that. Flyers are also affordable and can attract the people to draw the attention.

  • Introduction to Arduino   6 years 11 weeks ago

    It was a fun class. I think the students were a little scared at first, but they caught on right away. I love to see them take it upon themselves to explorer and open new doors in electronics. Looking forward to the next meet up.

  • Introduction to Arduino   6 years 11 weeks ago

    Thanks for helping out today Derek and Jay from Jaycon Systems. We had a great meetup.

    We have a Google Plus page too:

  • Introduction to Arduino   6 years 11 weeks ago

    Intro to Arduino: I'm excited for our first Brevard Tech Intro to Arduino class tomorrow. See you on Campus.

  • FLCreatives Happy Hour #64 at Tailgaters UCF   6 years 11 weeks ago

    We could probably even put together a flyer that we can plug in dates times and locations in to - I wonder what the Print view of this page looks like. (off to check it out... command-P)

  • FLCreatives Happy Hour #64 at Tailgaters UCF   6 years 11 weeks ago

    There are notice boards scattered around campus in various places. It might be a good idea to put up a flyer. If you have one I might be able to do it next time I'm in the area. You might also contact the heads of the departments you mentioned. They send out emails to their students every few days to let them know about events, job opportunities, etc. They would probably be happy to pass along the information.

  • FLCreatives 33: Tech 3-ring Circus with Tim Howe   6 years 12 weeks ago

    If you got the email notifications about this post, please click through and check it out. The description of the episode was from a previous podcast episode. It has been updated on the site now.

    Tim and I and the organizers of Tech Thursday at Urban ReThink are really interested in getting your feedback about this subject.


  • Parallels Summit 2012   6 years 13 weeks ago

    We are currently offering free registration with this code - G99BBSP.

  • Brevard Tech Meetups   6 years 17 weeks ago

    The planning stages are progressing. It looks like initially, we may be hosting some arduino classes at an undetermined location. These would be similar to the format offered at


  • FLCreatives 5th Anniversary Party at Urban ReThink   6 years 21 weeks ago

    Just a preview of things to come for tomorrow night:

    Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, Cigar City Brewin Jai Alai IPA (local from Tampa), Bell's Oberon Ale.

    We also have some BBQ Pork and Wings from Smokey Bones coming, along with a tray of Macaroni and Cheese plus a (veggie) Mediterranean Platter from Virgin Olive Market.

    Don't forget our friend the Piñata!

  • FLCreatives 5th Anniversary Party at Urban ReThink   6 years 22 weeks ago

    This Saturday, Florida Creatives Happy Hours will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary ( bringing awesome events to find your local support group to the state - those people who support your crazy-idea-having, pie-in-the-sky-dreaming, rule-breaking and world-changing ideas. Join us at +Urban ReThink with some help from +James Tryon and +Elizabeth Farmer

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