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I thought about writing something profound, something with substance, something that would invoke a reaction for an action. I thought about it. Briefly.

But then–why not just sum this little shindig up;
If you combine things that were previously considered unrelated–then this a group to meet with.

We have not planned an initial meet-up but, we are looking. Chris Wojda ( ) will also be meeting up for Likemind and BrewGroup sessions.

Will you give me back my dime?

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Here I am again. Unmotivated, unsuccessful, unpublished, undesirable, uneducated, unmarketable, unemployed me.

I applied for at least 50 jobs online today. The only phone calls I got back were from the phone company who had to change my service for me because I can't afford frivolous things like Caller ID, some credit card collection agencies and my mother.

FL Creatives 16: Women of BarCampOrlando

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Download Show 16
Length: 14:00

FL Creatives 09: Ella Music Festival

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Ella Music Festival

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Length: 31:38

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