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BarCamp Miami was Fantastic!

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We had a great turnout from Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville folks down in Coconut Grove yesterday, and a substantial number of presentations by our regular cast of characters. Gregg Pollack, Rob Dempsey, Bryan Conzone, Brian Feldman, Eric Marden, Tim Rosenblatt and myself (just to name a few) all took the podium at various times throughout the day.

A huge thanks to Alex DeCarvalho, who seemed to have single-handedly pulled this unconference together in a matter of days.

Orlando Tweetup Follow-up Post

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We had a great turnout at the first Orlando Tweetup at Scruffy Murphy's Pub in College Park last night. According to the sign-in sheets, 106 people came. And it was a pretty diverse group too. We had two high school students (@sdquinn and @gdrage), lots of folks from the Sentinel, people from the marketing and public relations fields, local techies and bloggers and even Local 6 weatherman Tom Sorrells.

So thank you very much to everyone who came and made this event a success. And if you missed it, don't worry, we'll have another one real soon. To stay in the loop, check back on this blog and follow @etanowitz and @orlandotweetup on Twitter. You can also go here to see what people are saying about the event.

Speaking of Tom Sorrells, he was kind enough to mention the Tweetup on the 11 p.m. news and show a picture he took with my wife Daphne and me. Here's the clip:

Screencast: Installing a WordPress Blog

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I just finished my very first screencast. Exhausting. I made a few errors and it isn't edited as professionally as some others. Maybe I'll do that later and reupload it.

Hoping it might be of some use to a few folks here, especially the more artistic types that might not have some of the techie side in them. As for me, it is probably one of the geekier things I've ever done, so I'm still trying to shake that out of my system.

OSCemote: MIDI-like control app for iPhone

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OSCemote is a remote control application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It lets you send Open Sound Control messages to other programs like Max/MSP, Puredata, OSCulator, etc. Those programs then play music or respond to the remote control however you want them to. Open Sound Control is a modern networked cousin of MIDI.

CoLab - Orlando's First Coworking Space

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On January 21, 2009 there was an evening event down at CoLab Orlando, Orlando's first co-working space downtown. Here is a video summary.

Thanks to Gregg Pollack for the awesome video!

Coworking Rocks! Video

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At CoLab Orlando with my coworking pals, at 37 N Orange Ave on the 6th floor. Alex Hillman from IndyHall gets interrogated. Apparently Florida is more than just Oranges and Disney.

Battledecks: Presentation Karaoke

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This just looks like a lot of fun. Who's down for some Battledecks? I think this has even been brought up at past FL Creatives events.

Digital Media Workforce Summit Video

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The Employ Florida Digital Media Banner Center at SCC had their first-annual Digital Media Workforce Summit in November 2008. Here is some video from the event, captured on my point-and-shoot camera.

Orlando Scene Session Video from BlogOrlando

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Last year at BlogOrlando we had a session called 'The Orlando Scene'. The concept was to bring together folks for different backgrounds to talk about things like cow-orking, start-ups, etc. It's a year later, so what's changed? We gathered some of the local area leaders to talk over what's going on in Orlando.

Watch more live videos from BlogOrlando

BlogOrlando session notes by Tim Welch


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