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Pocket Piano - Synth Kit

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I was cruising the MakerShed (Make Magazine's store) and I saw this really cool kit. You can make your own synthesizer with 2 full octaves of keys. Think about it.

You also need an Arduino (direct link) to use this at all, which is useful for so many other things.

Open Source Hardware - Makerbot, Arduino

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If you pay attention to hardware at all, you'll have seen people building interesting tools for fun or profit with openly designed, hackable devices such as Makerbot and Arduino.

We also see lots of popular media featuring open hardware, like this episode of WebNation from the Canadian Discovery Channel, filmed at a hackerspace in Toronto.

Hey, we have a hackerspace, too!

Hackerspace in Altamonte Springs near Orlando

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We are FAMiLab, a hackerspace in west Altamonte Springs. We have a temporary wiki-site up at If you are unfamiliar with the hackerspaces concept, we are a non-profit public organization structured to model a Direct Democracy with a small memberbase.

Fresh Cut Editorial

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Video from July's Likemind

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On July 17th about a dozen people gathered at the Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar in Orlando for coffee and a good conversation, marking 2 and a half years of Likemind in Orlando. They were joined by participants in 60+ cities worldwide.

Look at Twitter search results for Likemind on third Fridays of the month for real-time accounts from all over the world.

Erik Hersman's TED Talk

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Download Ushahidi Video

At TEDU 2009, Erik Hersman presents the remarkable story of Ushahidi, a GoogleMap mashup that allowed Kenyans to report and track violence via cell phone texts following the 2008 elections, and has evolved to continue saving lives in other countries.

Blogger (AfriGadget, WhiteAfrican), geek and power networker Erik Hersman is a key member of the African blog revolution. As a builder of Ushahidi, he helps expand the power of everyday people to share vital news via text.

Brian Walks


Baldwin Park (Art Stroll of Baldwin Park)
4926 New Broad St
Orlando, FL 32814
Phone: 407-792-9421
Apr 10 2009 5:00p - 9:00p

Brian Walks

Fun with music, video compositing and the Monome

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Reading Bryan Pittard's blog, I came across a link to this fun video. There are so many fun things about it, I just copied the authors description of said fun...

Coworking: What a Difference a Year Can Make

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About a year ago (February 26th, 2008), Gavin, Chad, Chris, Phil and myself were hanging out at CopyNight Orlando, and we got to talking about Coworking. This is when we came up with Coworking Tuesdays. Gavin and I stayed at Stardust long after closing, and I decided to shoot some video. A year later, it still says something:

Look at how far we've come since then: (98 members) (46 members) (211 members)

Trying to Cry


Orlando Museum of Art
2416 N Mills Ave
Orlando, FL 32803
Phone: 407-896-4231
Mar 05 2009 6:00p - 9:00p

Trying to Cry

Who: Brian Feldman Projects

What: Trying to Cry

As part of this month’s 1st Thursdays at Orlando Museum of Art, Brian Feldman (Leap Year Day, Twitter of the Shrew, Why Would They Do That?, The End of Television: Part II, txt), will try to cry.

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