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Hand-Drawn Holograms

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Seen on YouTube:

See Scratch-holograms can be made upon plastic CD/DVD cases using a couple of thumbtacks poked through a stick. Or get fancy and use a professional compass and black-painted polycarbonate. Or automate the process with a paperclip stuck into a motorized electric eraser, or a CNC mill with a drag-engraving tool.


About Me

Danny Miller
video productions, shooting, editing, scriptwriting
August 14th

Daft Punk Helmet with electric lights

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For more info on the build and process, check out my blog:

A Brazilian magazine that breaks all the rules

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I found this amazing video in Portuguese with English subtitles from a TEDx event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Definitely worth checking out, and reading through it.

Roberta Faria, How a magazine can become a social project and help people

Make a video for a local nonprofit, Simple Living Institute

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Heard on Facebook:

Enter our video contest to win a pair of tickets to Jack Johnson's August 24th concert in Orlando. Create a 2-3 minute promotional video of our non-profit, Simple Living Institute. We have permission to use Jacks music in the videos too!!!

More info at


A bit more info:

The intent of the video is to showcase Simple Living Institute and describe sustainability. The video must be between 2 and 3 minutes long, and should include live action shots of Simple Living events, volunteers, and/or board members. Please contact us for permission prior to filming at our events. View our upcoming events on our Events Calendar. The video can also include still photos. There are stock photographs in our Photo Gallery that you may use. We also have Jack's permission to use his music in the videos!

Hackathon: Building Apps for Charity

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commandN is one of the premier video podcasts in the world, not to mention one of the longest-running. In a recent episode, they featured a short documentary about a Hackfest in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Held at a Coworking space in Halifax called The Hub, a group of designers, programmers and marketers gathered to create small applications for entertainment, social connections, and creativity. The apps are then sold on the iTunes store, with all benefits going to charity.

The segment, from commandN episode 214 is called "Spotlight", and it starts about 5 minutes in to the video:

Miro Player 3 and Miro Video Converter for Mac and Windows

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If you haven't tried the excellent Miro software for subscribing to and promoting your Video and Audio podcasts, it's totally worth it.

They incorporate their own podcast directory (one of the best) and their client can download via bittorrent to save publishers' bandwidth fees. The company that makes miro is non-profit, and the software is open source. They also work with a public radio company to publish their audio podcast directory, and they support the Open Media Project. Can it get any better?

Yes. It can.

What is Cow-orking?

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BTW, there is no hyphen in the word "Coworking". Your spell-checker is wrong.

Saw this video on my Google Alerts. Looks very well produced, with some well-known folks in the Coworking community. Tell your friends.

Monome Video

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Monome is a small hardware company based in the Catskills that makes controllers for electronic music performance and new media art. Their first product, the 40h, is an eight-by-eight grid of backlit buttons which connects to a computer using a USB cable and the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. Originally developed as an open ended performance interface for electronic music, its developers have said "The wonderful thing about this device is that it doesn't do anything really,"[1]. As a result, developers have begun to use the Monome as an interface for other types of software, from text displays to games.

The word "Monome" is also often used as a name for the various devices that Monome produces.

Welcome to Monome from sam_square on Vimeo.

What is a monome? Monomes are fun to watch, but what is actually going on?

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