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Justice Mitchell

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Justice Mitchell
The official socially designed pro-blogging humorist for your daily internets. CEO & Interactive/Social CD: speaker, artist, photographer, metal-head & ♥ father.
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September 18th

LessConf in Jacksonville Florida


Times-Union Center - Terry Theater
300 W. Water St.
jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 205-419-5551
Oct 17 2009

We just announced that we're putting on a conference in Jacksonville, Florida - Oct 17th 2009.

We have an awesome venue and a killer set of speakers for this one day conference. First 100 signups for the conference get to eat lunch with the speakers.

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk of
  2. Derek Sivers founder of
  3. Kevin Hale founder of
  4. Mike McDerment founder of
  5. David Hauser of
  6. Eoghan McCabe and Des Traynor of

Standards Vs. Expectations

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Over the years both Flash gurus and Web Development Gurus have argued over standards, both from a technical standpoint when creating and deploying websites and content as well as user-based standards with UI development and experience, as a take-away. The utility of the website, being a competent component of branding. This is to say, Utility + Messaging ≠ Branding = User Experience.

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