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Catherine Templeton

About Me

Catherine Templeton
I am a jeweler and a self-representing artist. I create OOAK artisan jewelry. My husband and I also play steel drums (we are master panners,) we call ourselves SteelBaroque - because we are. LOL! My main interest in joining this group is to find local like-minded individuals and events/venues for our art/music. I've lived in Florida since 1974. We've lived many different places around Northern and Central Florida: Sopchoppy, Yulee, Forrest Corners, Spring Hill, DeLand, and now 3 miles behind Cinderella's Castle (Winter Garden.)
crafting, gem setting, bead stringing, theatrical arts, musician, performance, public speaking, teaching,
jewelry, steel drums, photography, theatre, music, cooking, reading,
June 26th

FL Creatives 22: Tisse and Direct Art

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Length: 37:35

Tisse Mallon has created a school near Virginia and Mills in Orlando called Direct Art that lets students sample or "taste" different art forms in short and inexpensive classes. Get more info and a list of current offerings at

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