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Topic “social life”

What’s Next? (24 Hour Twitter-driven performance art)

Location + Various Physical Locations Orlando, FL
Aug 08 2009 8:00a Aug 09 2009 - 8:00a

What’s Next?

Who: Brian Feldman Projects (txt, Barefoot in the Park, Brian Feldman Eats Everything Off The Menu At Loving Hut)

What: What’s Next? - On the eve of his sixth year as a performance artist, Brian Feldman ponders the number one question he gets asked: “What’s Next?”

Location + Various Physical Locations Orlando, FL

You, We, Me and I, in social media

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I've noticed the term social media taking a nose dive into the waste basket of marketers and brand strategists. A sharply folded paper airplane created from last year's media budget. It's one of those planes that only goes across the room once. The plane slubs downward each toss there after. Someone givies it one last throw only to watch it go down.

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