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Topic “scientist”

Kathryn Neel

About Me

Kathryn Neel
I recently moved to Central Florida from the Boston area, though I spent my teenage years living in Orlando and graduated high school here. So this is sort of a homecoming for me. I am a scientist/computer geek/poet with way too many interests for one person. Presently, my major push is to find some gigs for my one person consulting company. When I'm not doing that I'm unpacking boxes, playing with my dog, building things, taking things apart, working on a book of poetry or shooting photographs. I am really happy not to be dressing like the Stay-Puf Marshmallow guy this winter or wondering where my car is because it is buried under a pile of snow.
write poetry and fiction, build robots, train dogs, teach, cook, take things apart, sometimes put things back together, garden, fly a plane, SCUBA dive, play native American flute, draw, program
December 29th
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