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Topic “science”

Computers can make pictures from your brain using YouTube

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Reconstruction from brain activity

The left clip is a segment of a Hollywood movie trailed that the subject viewed while in the magnet. The right clip shows the reconstruction of this segment from brain activity measured using fMRI. The procedure is as follows:


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don't know if you guys know about this site but it has a wealth of knowledge all creative and scientific oriented.

i think florida creatives needs to talk and post more knowledge that they have. you guys are pretty smart... the wiki needs to be stocked with ideas and knowledge. i wish i knew wiki language. i'm gonna try it eventually. i have plenty of stuff i'd like to share.

Café Scientifique: "Evolutionary Antecedents of Obesity"


Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd.
Orlando, FL 32803
Aug 06 2008 7:00p - 8:30p

Lieberman, Leslie Sue

Evolutionary medicine provides insights into why we are experiencing a global pandemic of obesity, and what we might do about it.

Café Scientifique Orlando, "Phoenix on the Red Planet" omnibus


Stardust Video & Coffee
1842 E Winter Park Rd
Orlando, FL 32803
Jul 02 2008 7:00p - 8:30p

Come to our first event, where we'll hear about NASA's newest explorer, Mars Phoenix Lander, and the exciting discoveries it's made in the past few weeks, and what it could mean for our thoughts about extraterrestrial human habitation.

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